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Dec 2, 2006 07:18 PM

Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar

Is this place still around?

Last year, I had an amazing dinner at Jack's; I particularly liked the quirky, uniquely small space. I think I read that they either closed or moved to a different address? Can anyone confirm? If they have moved, how does the new space compare to the old?

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  1. They have moved into the old JB Makimono space: 2nd Ave, just south of 6th St, west side of the street...i had oysters there a couple months ago: personally i find the space and the bar stools uncomfortable, and the pretentious vibe and service a bit off-putting...and the night i went, they only had two kinds of oyster, both very similar in taste...

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      That spells true for all of Jack and Grace's restaurants.

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        actually i used to love the main JB and Jack was always incredibly nice, and i was a quasi-regular there...but Grace always oscillated between barely civil and outright rude, but since she was usually at Makimono i had little contact...but once they fired Masato-san, i lost the urge to pay 400 bucks for a sushi dinner for two, and i converted to Ushi Wakamaru...i do miss the yummy wine pairing at JB though...

    2. that space is ridiculous, and when i had dinner there, the oysters were verging on warm. yuck. also, when someone at our table spilled water (due to the tiny table/giant menu combination) the waitress just looked at us and did nothing.

      1. I ate there a few months ago for the first time so I have no basis of comparing it to itself (the old location or w/Masatosan), having said that I liked the place. I shared 5 plates so I felt like I got a good sense of the kitchen and everything was excellent. I won't go into details bc I previously posted what I had back then & frankly I don't exactly remember anymore... Just wanted to chime in & say the food was pretty good-ate early so there was no real atmosphere as the joint was fairly empty-and I would eat there again...