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Dec 2, 2006 06:51 PM

SF & EB Bakery Suggestions?

My cousin is attending culinary school in Sacramento and is interested in visiting some noteworthy bakeries in the East Bay and San Francisco. I would appreciate your input of places that would be of particular interest to a baker. I will be suggesting Tartine for desserts and Arizmendi for breads,rolls etc. Any others??

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  1. hello, the Bread Garden across from the Claremont Hotel in Oakland, east of College Ave., often makes variations and types of breads, cakes, tarts that are not featured elsewhere, and the quality is very good. If your cousin likes the stuff at Arizmendi, many of the recipes are in the Cheese Board Collective cookbook, and my spouse's scones based therefrom came out as good as theirs (nature of the worker-owned cooperative, many of the bakers are no more/less expert than a good home baker). have fun

    1. Take a look at the San Francisco Baking Institute:

      They are a teaching facility but have been very helpful any time I've contacted them. Would be worth ask your question to see what doors they could open for you.

      Also in a thread about mini hamburger buns someone mentioned Pan-o-Rama Bakery. It's the wholesale bread operation run by Real Restaurants. Click on Pan-o-Rama on the web page - again, might be worth a call to see if they'd let you visit.

      1. In the East Bay:

        Bakesale Betty
        Bakery Section at Sketch Ice Cream
        Sweet Adeline
        La Farine

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          To those already mentioned, I'd add Arlington Baking Company in Kensington (next to Berkeley).

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            Feel Good Bakery in Alameda. Their sweet offerings are hit and missed (and overpriced, IMHO), but their breads are some of the best around.

            We had a baguette tasting (see separate post) as part of a dinner party and the Bread Garden baguettes ("traditional," "country French sourdough" and "19th Century") showed very well, particularly the 19th Century, which was one of my two favorites.

            For Acme, I suggest going to the bakery in the Ferry Building -- I think they have the widest variety. The Ferry Building farmers market also has stands for some of the North Bay bakeries, so you can try them there.

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              Morton's list is good. The baked goods at the new Ici Ice Cream are also noteworthy.

              Feel Good is OK but not worth a trip to Alameda.

              There are three or four interesting artisanal bakeries at the Saturday farmers market.

              1. re: Morton the Mousse

                That's a perfect list. I don't love Sweet Adeline's as much for sweet pastires but their quiches might be on my Last Meal list. ::drool:: Crixa is excellent for rich, very high quality Eastern European desserts, I prefer bread from La Farine and Acme, and croissants and cookies from Masse's, and scones from Bakesale Betty (I just ate the pear ginger one!).

                You may want to point your friend to the Cheeseboard cookbook for insight (and personal anecdotes) on baking from a coop perspective, too. (Arizmendi uses their recipes.) (Oops, someone already said that.)

                1. Fat Apple's in the East Bay for pies....