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Dec 2, 2006 06:46 PM

The Academy of Spherical Arts


As some of you know, this place came up in another thread.

Who's been??

What's the food like??

Are the prices decent enough of drinks and pool??


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  1. I used them twice for our company yearly dinner. It was some time ago - it was very good then. We were satisfied. Someone may be able to elaborate more if they've been recently.

    1. Since you're not getting much response I will add my observations that are now two (perhaps 3)years old. I found the ASA to be a fun place for a night of pool and drinking and/or eating. On one occasion I had a sit-down meal which as I recall was fine. It isn't cheap. You should check to make sure the pool areas are available at the time you want to go, they do often rent out their spaces for parties and at this time of year that may be a problem.
      My preference for pool is the Charlotte Room, 19 Charlotte (Spadina and King) the food is not a problem but they do not really have sit-down facilities, mainly stools at the bar-type ledges at the pool tables.

      1. Ate dinner there a few months ago -- it's good but not excellent, and a little more expensive than I would have liked. Didn't play pool but was impressed by the extensive drink list. I was surprised by the "upscale" menu.

        1. I have been there a few times, but all for private functions. I am not too impressed by the food, but the space is nice for mingling.

          1. Worked in Liberty Village for 8 years and had been to the Academy many many times for company functions (lunches, after work drinks & pool, goodbye parties including my own ;-) and I can't recall a single memorable dish there. They had good drinks, the service was friendly and the pool tables are beautiful but if I was in that neighbourhood now, I would eat at Caffino's or No Regrets first and then head over to the Academy for a drink and pool.

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              Been a couple years for me since dining regularly at Caffinos. It was a hidden treasure I thought...til I forgot about it. : )

              Is it still very fresh and innovative?

              1. re: deelicious

                Haven't been since last winter when I had a fantastic meal there. My ex-colleagues are still going and say it's as good as ever. Let's keep it a hidden secret so there's no problems getting a table when we need it!