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Dec 2, 2006 06:42 PM

Taking a server's recommendation

The situation: you're visiting an upscale casual restaurant for dinner. Entrees of beef, chicken, fish and pasta are offered. The full sandwich board is also available. You have the thought, "I'll ask my wait person what they think the kitchen does best."

Would you vocalize that thought?

Would you then take the recommendation of your server?

I may find myself in that situation tonight.

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  1. unscrupulous servers often recommend the priciest items. a better question might be what's most popular or what's the chef's signature dish ?

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      1. re: Griller

        oops, didn't mean to be condescending. it is a good thought!

    1. I think it's generally obvious (!?) if someone recommends the priciest option, then you know right away to not take their recommendation.
      If however you have a conversation about what you feel like eating, I think the server's rec is an excellent basis for ordering. this has been my experience in almost every restaurant.

      1. Years ago, we all ate at a downtown restaurant for lunch a lot and when the weather was bad, we'd use the back door closer to our office building.
        One day, the message on the blackboard in the service area said, "Push the Pork Chops!" Of course we couldn't resist asking the waiter what he recommended. Choking back laughter, we ordered them anyway.
        They were delicious.
        We asked the chef on our way out the back and he said he had just mistakenly double ordered...

        1. I usually ask if I'm torn between two dishes. I find that servers are generally psyched to tell you what they think, and I've never had a disappointing meal...

          1. I sometimes do ask if I am torn between two things. However, last time I really too a server's advice I ended up with beef cheeks, Yes, I know they are popular now. Just not with me. My Latin isn't very good, but I think Caveat Emptor (sp??) applies here - I hope I got the right phrase - "Buyer Beware!"