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Dec 2, 2006 06:33 PM

Reataurant Pava Last Night

Went to restaurant Pava again last night. The atmosphere is bizarre- concrete floor, plastic chairs, paper table runners. However, the food is uniformly delicious and unusual. Husb had Tess's fried zucchini which is sticks of fried Zucchini- almost tempura like- with a skrodalia (garlic potato sauce). Yum I had butter lettuce salad with a delicious dressing. H had swordifsh with artichokes and some kind of cous cous that was perfectly cooked. I had flounder with black chinese rice- extremely tasty and the rice was very unusual. Ended with a chocolate fig cake with eggnog ice cream. Very small portion but still , very good. The wines are very expensive and by the glass portions seem small. Not very crowded for a Friday night but tess, the owner was there and she is very nice and in charge! All in all an excellent dinner.

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  1. em, thanks for the notice. where the heck IS this place!?

    1. This place is on Centre street in Newton Center. The owner, Tess, and her husband, Carlos, have a women;s clothing and shoe store, and it is right next door.Right across from the parking lot in the center of Centre street. AS a bonus, there are usually parking spaced at meters in front.

      1. Thanks for the information, I have been to Pava for lunch a number of times but have been very nervous about possible noise level at dinner - all that concrete. I really like Tess (the person and the store) and I like the food - so I guess I'll try it this week.

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          Interesting - despite the concrete, it is really not at all noisey at night. I think it is because there are so few tables. Yes, Tess is an amazing person and the Chef, Susan St. REgis ( of Biba fame) is outstanding. I still wish the place were more soft and cushy. !

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          1. I have been to Pava probably 5 or 6 times, and although at the beginning things were a little shaky in terms of the service, lately, in the past month or so, my boyfriend and I have had two really great meals there. We went last week, and I got the tuna appetizer with cauliflower, and the sole dish. The tuna was small but that was actually good because the sole dish comes with quite a lot of food! I can honestly say the sole may have been the best sole I have ever had. My boyfriend ordered the scallop appetizer, and then had a duck special, which he said was great. All in all, great work. I will most definitely be back again!