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Dec 2, 2006 06:32 PM

Pastry boxes

Just wondering if anyone knows where I could buy some pastry boxes. I was going to make some pastries, cookies, etc, for some holiday gifts and thought it would be cool to put them in pastry boxes and tie w/ string. I assume I could hit any of the bakeries around, but wasn't sure if there was a store around that carried stuff like this.

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  1. Williams Sonoma sells personalized boxes but they are quite expensive.

    1. I'd imagine that Eastern Baking Supply in the North End would carry these.

      China Fair in Cambridge might too...I'd call both places first to check.

      1. BMS paper supply on washington street in JP sells by the box. YOu can also try perkens supply, I think they have a warehouse in watertown.


        1. Many of the party supply stores carry them in myriad sizes-inc. the store (party goods?) on Waverly Oaks in Waltham. I think Big Party does, too.

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            The place at Waverly Oaks is called Party Needs, and I've seen these boxes there in the past. I like the Container Store the most for cute packaging for cookies, etc. but this year I hit AC Moore and got a great deal on patterned tins.

          2. lorraine's cake shop in east cambridge