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Dec 2, 2006 05:57 PM

Burgers in Pasadena.

Craving a great burger in Pasadena ...Any ideas?

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    1. you mean, besides the obvious, Pie 'n' Burger?

      Wolfe Burgers is pretty good. Lucky Boy on Arroyo Parkway serves up a mean bacon cheeseburger. Connal's burger isn't their best item, but it ain't bad, and you can get a chocolate peanut butter milkshake to go with it. There's even the old reliable Hamburger Hamlet. Want fried zucchini with it? Then proceed to Tops - either the one at Allen & Walnut or the one on Colorado E. of Rosemead (they're not related, or perhaps no longer related, but are VERY similar). The chili cheeseburger at Clearman's Galley (the boat) comes with a large helping of classic SoCal kitsch.

      That should get you started.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        Pie & Burger is definately NOT all that U chowhounds profess it to be. Went there for the first time, years ago..typical greasy spoon,and thought to give it a second chance years later. Went about 6 month ago. Still sucks!

        1. re: Ollie

          To each his own. I guess you don't like classic L.A. lunch counter burgers. PnB is the ultimate of that species. What kind of burgers DO you like?

        2. re: Jack Flash

          I love the pastrami at Lucky Boy.

        3. My picks:

          Tops on Walnut; try the zucchini fries.
          Wolfe Burgers on Lake
          Burgers Continental on Lake
          Rick's Burgers on Walnut; my coworkers say they have a mean burrito, too

          I wasn't too impressed with Pie 'n Burger.

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          1. re: trojanita

            thanks for all the suggestions. I tried tops burger...honestly wasnt too impressed. Their zucchini was GREAT though. Thanks!

            1. re: HooAe

              Hello... Wow, my mind simply reels at the thought of you, HooAe, going for Tops burgers instead of Pie 'N Burger. I understand how Ollie above, after giving Pie n' Burger a whirl twice, decided that it was not for him. But if you've never ever tried P'n B but went for Tops as a first choice, that just hurts in the pit of my heart! I do not know why I take rejection of Pie n' Burger so personally, but alas I do every time. Kudos to those who find it a no-go after trying it one or more times; may you find great burgers elsewhere. Just don't tell me you find 'em at Tops :-)

              1. re: silence9

                re: Tops: My husband thinks Top's great in burgers. I only have had the zuchini fries with chili (now those are yummy).

                I've tried P'n B more than once. Sorry, silence9!

                1. re: trojanita

                  I agree, Tops makes good burgers, but I prefer the one on Colorado east of Rosemead over the one on Walnut. My wife and I were sorely disappointed with Pie & Burger. Based on some chow comments, we were expecting a big, juicy old-fashioned burger, but what we got was disappointing. An average burger, mediocre fries, and the portions were small relative to the price, sorry to say. My two cents, I much prefer Tops.

                  1. re: monkuboy

                    Not that I don't fall prey to the occasional Tops bacon-avocado burger, but really, the only reason to go to Tops instead of Pie n' Burger is that you can order, pay and eat without getting out of your car. Well, that and the turmeric-intense pickles. I've actually been to both in the last week - also Wolfe Burger and Connal's; this has been kind of a burger week - and I assert that P&B serves by far the best burgers in a burger-happy town.

                2. re: silence9

                  Hee hee silence9 I am right there with you. I love Pie 'N Burger and no one will ever convince me it isn't the best burger in the Universe and I thank my lucky stars I get to live in the same town as this magical place. Either there is a chorus of angels working the grill or Mike Osborne made a deal with the devil, I'm not sure which. It is the perfect burger.

              2. re: trojanita

                Rick's will be closing soon. I'm sad about that, because where else do they make spuderitos?

              3. My faves, in order of goodness: Pie'n'Burger, Rick's, Tops, Connal's, In-N-Out, Hamburger Hamlet. Burger Continental has become a septic dump; Wolfe's is really good if you like char-grilled burgers, which I do not. Hamburger Hamlet takes up the rearmost position just because it's a stuffy chain and so soulless, but I really like their Cajun Burger, which I order with extra chile aioli and steak fries.

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                1. re: Will Owen

                  i thought that nasty stench at burger continental was a one time deal. that's gross!

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    Try the HotsBurger at Hamburger Hamlet if you have not yet. It has pico de gallo mixed into the meat and is topped with pepper jack cheese on Garlic Toast. SO GOOD! ;-)
                    Also, I think the burger at Tops is really good, but what really shines there is there Chicken Tostada and Zucchini (as mentioned).
                    Pie N Burger really can't be beat, but stay away from their fries and chili. Stick with breakfast (hashbrowns, burgers (with grilled onions) and desserts and life is good!

                  2. On the high end, Houston's.