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Dec 2, 2006 05:43 PM

Good place for casual Saturday lunch (2 chicks window shopping) on/near Rodeo Drive? (Tasty, not $$$$, not stuffy.)

Any cuisine will do and if there's some interesting department store cafe (does Neiman Marcus have one?) that's an option too if it's anything good.

Will be at the Via Rodeo end to start with. Thanks!

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  1. Neiman Marcus and Barney Greengrass have cafes. I suggest Barneys for street people-watching, but Neiman Marcus has a really really good selection of chocolate in its store next to the cafe. It has the largest selection of Vosges in LA by far.

    The Farm in BH is also great. There's also always Cheesecake Factory.

    1. BARNEY'S!!! they have a wonderful restaurant..Barney Greengrass!! One of my favorite lunch spots of all time. Great food, great people watching!

      1. I like Barney Greengrass on the 5th Floor of Barney's--the specialty is smoked fish (lox and sturgeon) but there are also great salad and egg dishes. I have been less impressed with the meat items. Mariposa is the main restaurant in the lower level at Neiman Marcus (there are two other, more casual choices on upper floors) but probably does not meet your last two criteria, i.e. while certainly tasty (love the popovers!), it is pricey and can feel a bit stuffy.

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          Isn't Barney's the home of the 50 cent NY egg cream? Can't beat that on Rodeo.

          1. Spago, La Scala. Cafe del Arte is very casual and small and everyone you've heard of stops by this place on Bedford. Neiman Marcus is ok...but the chocolate counter is a must. Barney's food is better. Sit outside at Il Pastaio - excellent food and great people watching, too.