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Dec 2, 2006 05:23 PM

Rockport This Afternoon -- best place to eat fish/clams with kids?

My husband and our two kids, 2 and 5, will be going to see Santa's arrival in Rockport today -- he steps off a lobster boat at 3:45 sharp. Where can we go afterward to scarf up some fried bounty of the sea?

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  1. You may have already left, but your best bet may be to go to Essex (exit 14 toward essex on rt. 133) and go to Essex Seafood, which will be on your left before you get to downtown Essex. I think Essex Seafood is open year round whereas Farnhams and Woodmans are closed, but I'm not positve.

    1. Woodmans is open but by all means Esx Seafoods over Woodmans any day. The lobeter pound in Rockport is just eh. I never had a good meal in Rockport FWIW.

      1. I know you're already gone, but I must say that is ALWAYS entirely worth it for us make our way to the Clam Box in Ipswich if we are in Rockport. The fried scallops are the best out of all the shacks!