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Dec 2, 2006 05:08 PM

Gatineau Wings


I am looking for the best wings in Gatineau. Haven't had any yet. Thank you in advance.

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  1. There are wings in Gatineau?

    (Please excuse me. I'm a visitor, and was in Gatineau yesterday. I was told my choices were McDonald's or Subway.)

    All kidding aside, I'll be there next week. Can you help me find a good place for lunch?

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    1. re: lil mikey

      Agreed Mike, The only place I know is Le Cage aux Sport. Here is their website

      If you go drop me a line about your experience and maybe even try their wings for me ;)

    2. There is a place for wings in Chelsea - I know, not Gatineau, but not too far. It is the Chelsea Pub in Old Chelsea. They are not served with blue cheese however, sour cream instead. Not great, but closest to me in Wakefield.
      Also, lil mikey, what kind of places do you normally like? Maybe some parametres.

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      1. re: tartetatin

        Thank you for the offer. I was there yesterday and had lunch at Chenoy's. They have lots of things on the menu, including wings.

        I ordered the Greek salad with BBQ chicken, and it was okay. I really liked the chicken. They had put some barbecue sauce on it, which I normally don't like, but I liked this one. The salad was so-so, and the pita was lame. It was stale and some weird orange color.

      2. Actually, I think you are talking about the sector of Hull, which is where Chenoy's is. If you are in Hull again, there is a great Thai place, which is new on Laurier.
        Chelsea is an english town about 15 minutes north of Gatineau and Hull and that is where the Chelsea Pub is.
        Enjoy your stay!

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        1. re: tartetatin

          Thank you Thank you Thank you. I may be there later this week. I'm happy to now have a place to try. I will report back if I go.

        2. great.
          I meant to say that Chelsea is a predominantly english town, many people who live there speak english, and also many francophones there. very quaint, and you can easily get by in both english and french
          There are other very good places to eat in Chelsea. Fougere, Soupe a l'herbe (very good vegetarian), and there is a nice cafe there as well with good coffee. I am not sure if these are the kind of places you are looking for, but you could check them out if you go there.