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Dec 2, 2006 04:59 PM

Best Chinese Ottawa

I would like to hear what members have to say about Chinese food in Ottawa. Do's and Dont's. Thanks and happy eatting!

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  1. Golden Palace on Carling near Woodroffe. Best eggrolls I have ever had. I no longer live in Ottawa, but when I visit I always pick some up to take back to Toronto. I've been going for 35 years and have never been disappointed. North American style chinese, but I still love it!

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    1. re: cheesymama

      I second Golden Palace for their egg rolls as well. I haven't really had anything else there but their egg rolls are the best.

      1. re: Aardvark

        Another vote for golden palace. I always order lemon chicken, egg rolls, and shrimp fried rice. Last time i found the lemon chicken to be a bit fatty...but that wont deter me from going back!!! Definaly the best.

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        My friend told us that they went to Golden Palance to have business lunch (picked by their customer). She told us she had to pretend to love the food in front of her customer. She would never go to place like this for the so-called Chinese food. Try Chu Sing, Yangtze, Rideau (Kanata), GingSing.

        The only good thing about Golden Palance is their service.

      3. My personal fave is So Good on Somerset, with Jadeland a semi-close second.

        Don't be afraid to try strip-mall Chinese restaurants, but stay away from food courts.

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          Few years ago when a manager told my colleague that So Good was her favourite Chinese resstaurant, my colleague just teased her that she didn't know what Chinese food is about. I guess So Good has more vegetarian dishes than many other Chinese restaurants and that is why it becomes a hot place for vegetarians.

          My colleague even told me that if So Good operates in Toronto, they won't survive for the food offered. If you look inside the restaurant, no Asian customers go to this place to eat.

          Well, here are the list based on my colleague's recommendation:
          Mandarin Ogilvie, Imperial Palace Szechuan & Cantonese restaurant (expensive), New Dragon Tavern, Chu Shing, Fortune Express, Yangtze and GingSing.

          1. re: Oscar Academy

            True, the veggie options are numerous and tasty at So Good, and that's all I can comment about. But my non-veg family loves it too. And we see Asians in there all the time.

            I can't say whether it's authentic, but it tastes good and that's enough for me, if not for your colleague.

            Was actually really disappointed by Yangtze in recent years. It used to be our go-to place, but no more.

        2. I've been eating at the Mandarin Court on Baseline near Merivale since 1982. A good reliable place that actually knows what the words "NO MSG" mean. Still making great mo she pork.

          1. So Good really isn't traditional Chinese food. A lot of the dishes have a South East Asian influence to them. It's been quite some time since I've eaten there, but I used to enjoy eating their vegetarian panfried dumplings, and their wu shi chicken or tofu (which taste even better the next day).

            Most chinese restaurants in Ottawa have their good and bad points about them but here are my some of my picks:

            Dim sum:
            Tianrun Beijing Restaurant on Bank St (South end). In my opinion some of the best dim sum in Ottawa. Fantastic steamed rice rolls that are smooth, delicate and unlike most that I've tasted in other restos. Also the har gow and shiu mai amongst other steamed dumplings are meaty and full. A little pricier than the avg but more than worth it for a little bit more quality.

            The Great Wall Restaurant on Somerset St. W in Chinatown. Pretty good steamed dishes, definately try their chiu chow dumpling.


            Cafe Orient on Somerset W in Chinatown. They make a fantastic congee and soup noodles. I like their braised beef and also their tendons in soup noodles. They have a good selection for their chow mien and rice noodles. This is a small but really popular restaurant.

            Man's Kitchen on Somerset W in Chinatown. Small restaurant, but they have a nice fish fillet congee. Also try their sa cha sauce fried noodles, and stirfried turnip cake. They have an excellent steamed taro cake and steamed pea shoot and mushroom rice roll.

            1. For dinner, different restaurants have different attributes.

              For more special occasions I would probably go to Mandarinn Ogilvie or Palais Imperial. They sometimes have less common and more interesting dishes to eat. I haven't eaten at either in some time but they are considered to be fancier chinese restaurants.

              For just your average meal, I would go more to Lichee View and New Hong Sing. Lichee View on Clyde is quick, cheap, with pretty decent food. Sometimes it can veer a little towards the greasy side, but overall I still like it. I like their version of General Tsao's chicken because they use the dark meat so it's a lot more moist and flavourful. They also have dim sum at lunch with a good selection of steamed, fried, and stirfried items. At night as well they have a late night snack menu starting around 8:30 or so. For around $3-6 a plate, you can have smaller portions of dishes. It's great way to sample a lot of different foods.

              New Hong Sing is I believe on Greenbank in the same stripmall as the Zuni Grill. They have really nice large portions here for the budget minded and I like that their food is a little less greasy than the average. Nice, bright clean family run restaurant. What's neat too is that they have a glassed in open kitchen so you can catch a glimpse of the wok cooking going on. I love ordering stir fried chinese greens with fish fillets for a lighter meal. They also have a good late night snacks menu and noodles/congee dishes.

              Jadeland in Chinatown is also good, but I find their food really greasy.

              Things to look for in other Chinese restaurants:
              Brother Woo in the East end has pretty good pan-fried dumplings and green onion pancakes during their weekend lunches as well as red braised beef soup noodles.

              Northern Han has nice steamed and panfriend dumplings. I like the pork and chive ones. Also, try their beef and green onion pancake roll. It's a green onion pancake with a slathering of hoi sin sauce, julienned green onions, and braised beef shank sliced rolled up in foil. You can also buy their dumplings frozen if you want to make them at home.

              For Hong Kong style dishes, I would go to Peter's Cafe or Cafe Orient. Peter's Cafe is strictly Hong Kong style. It's pretty basic food and decor, nothing really special but at good prices. Expect to wait a little longer than at Cafe Orient for your food. I like their black pepper spaghetti with chicken as well as their seafood fried rice with cheese. Also have a some hong kong style tea with your meal.

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              1. re: wyf

                That's a great list, thank you all for your replys.

                1. re: wyf

                  Brother Wu? You must be joking. We were talking about Chinese restaurants at our dinner and we ALL said that "You won't see us there for the next 10 years." This place is dirty and food was awful.

                  Lichee View was good when they opened and they went downhill. They were on the top 10 restaurants that failed to comply with the Health Canada's health standard (it was covered by Ottawa Citizen few years ago). I just stopped going to restaurants that do not care about health of customers.

                  New Hong Sing is just okay. I would prefer to go to Rideau in Kanata.

                  1. re: Oscar Academy

                    Yes. New Hong Sing is not bad at all. I like their fried rice noodles.

                  2. re: wyf

                    Agree that New Hong Shin is a good find--service is actually nice, too, though the pace of dining is slower than most Chinese places (not a bad thing, but something to know in advance). Dishes seem to come out of the kitchen one or two at a time.