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Dec 2, 2006 04:27 PM

If your not tired of talking about Jaleo...

We are new to town and someone gave us a gift certificate to Jaleo. I read the ol' threads and saw lots of mixed reviews. But, for us it's free food, so if folks would please recommend specific tapas/dishes that we should get? Thanks.

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  1. I am a veggie and I like these dishes. Sauteed Tuscarora Mushrooms. Tuscarora is a local farmers co op and all Andres restaurant support this. Big points in my book.
    Fried Potatoes that come with aoli and spinach with pine nuts and currants. My friend really like this squid risotto that they made with the ink.

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      I am in complete agreement with this, and Jaleo's vegetarian options are my favorite. To the patatas bravas, spinach, and mushrooms, I'll add the asparagus, the eggplant flan, the queso de tupi, apple and manchego salad. other items I dig are the tortilla espanol and the cod fritters.

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        Those are some of my favorites as well. We had an office party there a few years ago, and everything was a big hit with foodies and picky people alike. Another of my favorites is the simple cherry tomato with watermelon skewers, but it's not really the right season for that, lol.

      2. Don't let the mixed reviews discourage you. I think they are a result of the differing expectations of the wide variety of local and visiting posters to this board.
        Jaleo is a 3-restaurant chain - Penn Quarter, Bethesda and Crystal City - and they all have about the same really good, interesting food. The crowd varies with the locale.
        Jaleo is a tapas place - snacks - and is wonderful for before and after theatre, lunch, meeting your friends, other informal meals. I personally don't think it's the place to have a serious dining experience.
        The menu is worth exploring and it's a place you can visit again and again. I order something different everytime I visit and enjoy them all.

        1. I love Jaleo. Don't be deterred by the mixed reviews. For some non-vegetarian options, try the chicken and ham croquetas or the date and bacon fritters. I agree with Making Sense; Jaleo's a place you can visit again and again.

          1. In addition to Steve's excellent suggestions, and the date/bacon fritters (which are hit or miss but wonderful when they're on), the duck and tripe are usually great. The specials typically include some real treasures. And *most* of the waitstaff is usually very candid and informative -- their suggestions are generally reliable. Order a half-dozen or so tapas for two, mixing between the suggestions here and whatever inspires you. Odds are that you will find at least 3-4 that you really love.

            1. We ate there a month ago and really enjoyed it. The croquettas were very good but the winner was the braised oxtail! We also loved sauteed mushrooms with cabrales. Enjoy