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Looking for FUN eating in Dallas...

My boyfriend and I always do the same old schitck for special days...some fancy restaurant, great food, romantic atmosphere, but I'm kind of in the mood for something different.

I'm looking for a fun place for his bday. Maybe something like Medieval Times, or one of those fun places where they teach you to cook your own food, or heck, cheesy dinner theater! I'm not really concerned about price; I just want something out of the ordinary. Any ideas?

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  1. Check Sur La Table's website for a cooking class. We did a "date night" there two months ago that was great. My girlfriend loved it.

    1. Central Market does the cooking classes as well.

      1. Dick's Last Resort should be interesting, I've wanted to check it out too: http://www.dickslastresort.com/

        1. Try a wine dinner. Check out Guidelive.com for a schedule. They also list many other food and wine related events.

          1. I'm heading to dinner at Al-Amir tonight. It's supposed to be great fun as well as a pretty good dinner. A search will pull up the website. I'll let you know how it goes...

            1. you can have dinner at sullivans "ringside" where they have bands on weekends. you can order from either a bar menu or the full restuarant menu while listening to some awesome music and watching people dance...everyone from age 30 to 75!

              1. Al-Amir was really fun. And definitely packed - it seemed like a pretty fun place to take someone to impressed them (ie, a date). The belly dancers were good and the crowd really got into the act. Pretty much everyone was on their feet and cheering.

                The appetizers were really good, but the main dishes were mixed. Some people got the kababs which were fantastic. The vegetables that come with it were grilled as well and everything had a nice flavor. But the "traditional" meal that I got (sawarma, or something like that) was a little over cooked and lacked in flavor. Stick with appetizers and kabobs.

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                  Yes, I don't think any Westerner is going to enjoy halal beef cooked in the traditional way (i.e., to death and then some) or even anything similar.

                  My visit to Dick's wasn't memorable, but maybe I should go back and try again :) Magic Time Machine also non-memorable ... the cooking class sounds like a good idea. You could also check out Slow Food, see if they have anything going on ...

                  Maybe you could also try the other end of the spectrum, a great hole in the wall, the kind of place I call a "cultural experience" ...

                2. I've been to Medieval Times and Dick's Last Resort, but I was younger and didn't take note of the food like I would now. Medieval Times was a lot of fun, but I was in junior high when I went. I remember the food being interesting (and eating it with my hands was interesting as well) yet plain - some type of grilled chicken that was very moist and tender, and a vegetable soup that I actually liked (I'm not a big fan of veggie soup).

                  The Dick's Last Resort I went to was in San Antonio, but oh man, it's a fun place, especially if you like sarcasm. I don't remember much about the food. But I like how the waiters have free range to say what they're really thinking. When we went, our waittress made fun of us and eventually made us wear dunce caps (mine said "I bite my toenails").

                  1. I hate this place, but it might fit your bill, The Magic Time Machine. The food is fine and the atmosphere is supposed to be fun, just don't ask where the bathroom is. Don't even talk to them about the bathroom.

                    1. One of our favorite places for a fun dinner is El Ranchito in Oak Cliff. They're always packed and have roaming mariachis. It's loud, but very festive and a lot of fun, especially on the weekends. I've always really enjoyed the food as well. They offer Tex-Mex standards, as well as more typically Mexican dishes like grilled sweetbreads and bbq goat.

                      1. What about Dave & Buster's? The games make for a fun environment, and the food is better than you would think.

                        1. How about the Melting Pot. THere is one is addison/dallas and then one in south lake. Its a fondue reasutrant. now exactly cheap but a lot of fun.