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Dec 2, 2006 03:45 PM

for the love of basketball and good food

any chowhounds who are also raptors fans out there? my search for a sports bar with decent food has been futile so far. i've found bars with good food but where raptors games are treated as an afterthought at best (no sound, small screen tv etc), or bars with great atmosphere (or at least the willingness to focus on raptors games when the leafs aren't playing) but with mediocre food. are any any bars/pubs which show raptors games with sound on that also serve decent fare?

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  1. Perhaps The Richmond Rogue will be up your alley? Good pub food, and they have a number of televisions playing sporting events.

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      Thanks Xtal,

      I was there last week - the food was decent but, alas, raptors were shown only on small tv and there was no sound. the search continues. if you're into american football, however, this place is for you - on sundays they have specials on wings and other things.

    2. the harbour sports grille (across from the foot of yonge st.) has decent grub, tons of TVs. they're pretty open-minded about all sorts of sports. leafs can dominate, but they also get good crowds for raptors games, soccer and football.

      1. Betty's.

        You won't get sound, but they got new TVs last year. They'll put the Raptors on at least one TV if the Leafs are playing, but you may have to ask.

        Good wings, good burgers, good pizza.