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Dec 2, 2006 03:44 PM

Looking for 24 hour chinese restaurant

I'm trying to host a decent chinese banquet at 2:00 a.m. on New Years day! Can anyone recommend a decent restaurant in any of our 5 china towns that will be worthy of a grand chinese meal in the middle of the night to bring in the new year?

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  1. Wo Hop in the original manhattan Chinatown stays open real late - you might want to check with them.

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      Wo Hop is somehow festive (they hang decorations, I think) and in fact, I might have even spent a new year's eve there once, randomly. its extremely chinese-american fare and not grand at all, although if you get some of their slightly nicer entrees (whole chicken with garlic sauce, their clams, their snails, etc.) it might actually pass for a banquet. I like wo Hop much better than the place just next door, hop kee.

    2. Actually a LOT of restaurants on Mott St and nearby stay open to 3 or 4 AM. I've noticed a lot of signs saying, close 3 AM I've never paid attention since if I'm up at that hour, I'm unable to eat intelligently.

      1. 69 on Bayard is open all night. Not the greatest food, but it's OK in a pinch.

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          The thing appealing about 69 Mott Street is that they are very flexible. In my past experience I went with friends and we just had these cravinggs for some old chinese dishes and they just made it for us even if it wasn't on their menu. They were sometimes done well and sometimes just OK. We ordered eggplant, with salted fish, with chicken bits and they said they can do it. I one time ordered a dish and I saw the chef walk out of the store to buy the ingredients and come back in.
          I wouldn't go too exotic though like Peking duck, but who knows. I'm sometimes surprised what that kitchen can turn out for a small restaurant.

          The other late night place is Noodle Town on Bayard and Bowery which opens till all the people are gone, but its usally around 3-4am. I usually go there to get over a night of drinking or a late night snack. But I usually don't go to noodle shops for banquets. If I were you I'd pick 69 Mott. You don't have many good choices to be honest for a late night banquet.

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            Sorry I meant 69 Bayard not 69 Mott in my previous post.

        2. how about kam chueh, the seafood specialist on bowery? aren't they open until 3:30 or 4 in the morning?

          1. I found a recent posting that alluded to a number of 24 hour Chinese restaurants in the Little Fuzhou section of Chinatown (i.e., east of Bowery, particularly on East Broadway and on Canal St.), though without specific restaurant names or locations. These were the "dives" I referred to in your Outer Borough posting. You might consider a field trip to check these out.

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              you would think they are 24-hour, but they aren't. the only one that seemed to be 24-hour is the place Reach House, at 88 eldridge, or it might be 88 Division street. But that place is not that good. I think most of those noodle shops close around 1am or so.