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Dec 2, 2006 01:44 PM

Classic Bistro ideas in Paris

I own a small French bistro in Occidental, California. We have received great reviews and support from the community. Our chef de cuisine has never been to France and we are sending her there in mid January and early February when we will be closed for three weeks. My desire is to immerse her in the food, wine, people and culture of France. Hopefully, she will return with new ideas and appreciation of the food, wine and culture to share with our guests. I lived in Strasburg and I have spent a lot of time in Provence and the South of France with grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins. I know almost nothing about Paris. I would like to recommend a few moderately priced and high quality bistros to her to try in Paris while she is there. She will be staying in the 6th near to the Luxemburg Gardens. Any help would be most appreciated. Michel

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  1. Make sure to get reservations at : L'Astrance--high end but innovative and delicious; Le Pamphlet--excellant chef; Le Baratan; Les Magnolias--far out but definitely worth the trip for gorgeous food; L'Ardoise; Chez Ami Jean--wonderful food--innovative; L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon; Le Chateaubriand--for the lovely and interesting food of Inaki Aspitarte; Aux Lyonaisse--bistro run by Alan Ducasse; Chez Georges--wonderful, traditional bistro; Sensing--newly opened place under the guidance of three star chef Guy Martin; Le Bistro du Dome--wonderful fish bistro; L'Os a Moelle--my personal favourite prix fixe bistro; Le Comptoir--the man who started it all is still going strong at this newish place in the 6th arr., however it is difficult to get reservations for dinner--maybe being a fellow chef is a way in; Au Petit Tonneau--a wonderful woman chef who has been running this place for years--her mushroom dishes and tarte tatin are outstanding and she is a lovely and sweet person; Ze Kitchen Galerie--in the 6th and very hip with good food and an interesting way with the menu.

    There are many more but this is a start. I would recommend looking for web sites on these so you can view the menu. There is a web site for best restaurants in Paris that gives menus,

    1. We had lunch and dinner at Le Comptoir last March. It was wonderful each time. I would recommend that even if your chef can't get a seat at dinner to go for lunch. For one thing the items on the lunch menu ofter appear at starters on the dinner menu. Also there are items on the lunch menu that are delightful in and of themselves. We also have enjoyed L'Ardoise and L'Os a Moelle. You are very nice to send her to Paris.

      1. I tend to like the traditional bistros more than the trendy restaurants, but that's just me... BĂ©noit, Chez Georges, Le Petit Marguery... and tho NOT very moderate in price, she really shoud dine at the Ultimate Paris bistro, L'Ami Louis.

        As well, Lyon is only a 2-hour train ride from Paris, and the bistro food there may be even better! George Blanc''s Le Splendid, Jean-Paul Lacombe's Le Petit Lyon (lunch only) Philippe Chavent's Comptoir du Boeuf, Bistro de Lyon, Bistro du Vin, La Voute (Chez Lea). I think Lyon has the best food in France... the fine dining is lovely, too, just stay away from Paul Bocuse's restaurant. Don't EVEN get me started!

        1. Thank you very much to each of you for your bistro ideas/recommendations. We will try to make sure she gets to as many of these as she can during the days she is there. If you have further ideas or other web sites to check out, please let me know.

          The only Paris restaurants I have been to are Allards and L'Ami Louis. I have also been to Viaduct Cafe which was owned by the brother of my cousin. I think he has now closed it and opened a new restaurant in Paris. Michel

          1. What street is Chez Georges located on? There seem to be several restaurants by that name in Paris? Thanks Michel

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              chez georges, 1, rue mail 2nd arr
              01 42 60 07 11
              metro sentier

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                Thank you! I want to make sure we get to the right place. Michel