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Dec 2, 2006 12:56 PM

Best Italian Near(ish) to the Omni Hotel

I am looking for a place to take my ex-boss, who's coming in to visit this Wednesday (Dec 6) from NYC. He's an afficianado of Italian food, and used to the incredible variety and quality of Italian restaurants in NYC. I would like it to be not too loud since we will be catching up on old times. Could be BYOB or not. He can't walk far, so it could be anyplace with fairly easy parking, but not as far as the suburbs. I'm thinking maybe Tre Scalini, but I haven't been there lately. Help!

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  1. Radicchio at 4th and Wood in Old City
    Pastaria at Franco and Luigi's, 13th and tasker (opera singing going on, huge portions)
    People like tre scalini but I have not been (also, they are moving to Passyunk Ave. at some point)
    Vetri, 13th and spruce, upscale jewel box
    Paradiso on Passyunk; newish place, nice interior
    Old favorite, but not for the faint of heart: Royal Villa Cafe at 17th and Jackson

    1. Has anybody been to either La Verandah or La Vigna lately? Just thinking about the ease of parking.

      1. We've been going to Tre Scalini for years, and were there just a few weeks ago. It was wonderful! We always find street parking within a block or so. They are moving in January.

        Radicchio is great, but they don't take reservations. Also, it gets very noisy. Paradisio has good food, but the noise level can be impossible.

        Vetri is one of the best places in the city, but very expensive - and usually hard to get a reservation. Plus, it would be a cab ride.

        If you get to Tre Scalini, some of our favorites there are: the zuppa de pesce appetizer (I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong) which is like a mini bouillabaise, polenta with broccoli rabe, any of the delicious homemade pasta, veal chops or veal filets ((they are both exceptional - large, tender, and delicious) - I could go on and on. Nothing exotic, but everything really good. BYOB.

        If you're going at an off early - early, maybe - Radicchio is always excellent. Their fileted Dover Sole is the best!

        1. Just thought of another one -
          We like August, at 13th and Wharton. Very easy street parking; we are usually a few yards away.
          Small, pretty, very good food - BYOB, cash only.
          They call it Italian with a twist, and the menu is varied. The pastas are excellent. Also love the preparation of the tilapia, beet salad, crab cake, etc. In fact, we like everthing we've had there, including the desserts!