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Dec 2, 2006 12:48 PM

Cuccia- Sicilian soup made with farro?

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I'm looking for a recipe for soup served on St. Lucy's Day. It's main ingredients are farro and beans. What I've found on the 'net are not quite it....

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  1. There are many recipes available online. I've noticed the recipes vary from region to region. Do a search on "Zuppa di Farro" or "Spelt soup" and see what you get. Here's just one example. HTH.

    Is there any one ingredient you're looking for? As I mentioned before, the recipes seem to vary from sweet to savory. Here's another:

    1. Gran Minestrone From Giglio
      Is this close I have a few others
      1 medium carrot , scraped
      2 large celery stalks
      2 cloves of garlic, peeled
      4 oz Savoy cabbage leaves, cleaned
      8 oz skinned dried fava beans
      8 oz farro
      4 tablespoons olive oil
      8 oz drained canned tomatoes
      3 1/2 quarts chicken stock
      Salt and fresh pepper
      to serve
      6 to 8 teaspoons EVO
      1 cup toasted crostini
      Finely chop carrot, celery , garlic.Cut cabbage into thin strips and soak in cold water.Meanwhile soak farro and fava beans together in cold water for 20 minutes. Overnight is best.Place a stockpot wit oil over medium heat .When oil is warm add the chopped ingredients and saute for 5 minutes. Stirring constantly.
      Cut tomatoes add to pot . Drain cabbage add it to the pot and mix well.
      Drain Farro and fava add them to the stock potalong with the stck and simmer for 1 1/12 hour until the farro and fava beans are tender. Salt and Pepper to taste
      Let soup rest for 10 minutes. Place soup into bowls and add a teaspoon of oil and sprinkle crostini.

      1. thanks for your responses!

        The Gran Minestrone from Giglio is more of what I remember. It contains fava beans but one important detail: SKINNED fava beans. I think I will try it.

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          I'm going to try it too! I've been wanting to put this 500g bag of farro I have to good use for quite some time. I think this will be its time. Skinned fava beans -- definitely the way to go.

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            Where do I find dried SKINNED fava beans? The variety with skins is easy to find.

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        2. Cool CB... let us know how it turns out!

          1. Thank you I hope you enjoy it. If you want other recpies. You can E mail me at I am a gradute of FCI 1990. I live in Middle Village. I will get back to you.