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Dec 2, 2006 11:54 AM

big w's (wingdale/dover plains) is open!

just an fyi for those looking for it.

a brief rundown from memory, since they don't have menus yet:

ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken.

sandwiches: brisket, pulled pork

sides: rice, mac/cheese, beans, cole slaw, slow roasted potatoes. (1.50 small, 2.50 large portion).

only a few booths in the place, i think there were also a few tables as well. the family is working behind the counter.

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  1. They are where the funky taco place with all the chotchkas on the lawn used to be?

    Or are they somewhere else?

    Thanks for the update.

    1. the place they're at used to be a deli. it's on route 22, southbound, about 1-2 miles south of route 21, and about 3 miles north of the business center of pawling.

      and comments? wife loved the potatoes (slow roasted), i thought the rice was decent, same with mac and cheese, but nothing to go far out of your way for.

      however, the (half) smoked chicken was great. and although we didn't get to eat it until an hour and a half later, it was wrapped in aluminum foil so tightly that it was still hot, flavorful, falling off the bone, fantastic. in that context, the quality of the side dishes improves (because the meat is so good, it's worth getting some sides as well).

      and i just had some of the chicken reheated for lunch. still retains most of the taste and flavor.

      i'll go back and try the brisket sandwich next time, but there definitely will be a next time.

      1. hey bob
        i must be blind...i live in pawling and drove up and down rte.22 3 times this weekend without luck...can you be more specific on location? there a sign?...thanks

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        1. re: corky

          no, unfortunately, i can't; i know it's 1475 route 22, and a deli used to be there, but since i'm not from there, i don't remember any other locations around it. there were 2 other stores in the little strip mall, i think? and big w's was in the window (as in, on paper); no professional signs or anything.

          but i see the ny times just mentioned it; phone number 845-832-6200 so maybe you can get directions there?

          also - since you live in pawling - how's that little latino place in the center of town on the same side of the road as the bakery and bookstore? we were there friday for the winter festival, and no one was inside...

          1. re: corky

            it's on the west side of route 22, if that helps any!

          2. thanks for the info bob and cerv...i will find it on the way home today!!!...want to go to the latino place but have not made it yet...thanks again

            1. FINALLY!!!...i found it...and there is a sign now