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big w's (wingdale/dover plains) is open!

just an fyi for those looking for it.

a brief rundown from memory, since they don't have menus yet:

ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken.

sandwiches: brisket, pulled pork

sides: rice, mac/cheese, beans, cole slaw, slow roasted potatoes. (1.50 small, 2.50 large portion).

only a few booths in the place, i think there were also a few tables as well. the family is working behind the counter.

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  1. They are where the funky taco place with all the chotchkas on the lawn used to be?

    Or are they somewhere else?

    Thanks for the update.

    1. the place they're at used to be a deli. it's on route 22, southbound, about 1-2 miles south of route 21, and about 3 miles north of the business center of pawling.

      and comments? wife loved the potatoes (slow roasted), i thought the rice was decent, same with mac and cheese, but nothing to go far out of your way for.

      however, the (half) smoked chicken was great. and although we didn't get to eat it until an hour and a half later, it was wrapped in aluminum foil so tightly that it was still hot, flavorful, falling off the bone, fantastic. in that context, the quality of the side dishes improves (because the meat is so good, it's worth getting some sides as well).

      and i just had some of the chicken reheated for lunch. still retains most of the taste and flavor.

      i'll go back and try the brisket sandwich next time, but there definitely will be a next time.

      1. hey bob
        i must be blind...i live in pawling and drove up and down rte.22 3 times this weekend without luck...can you be more specific on location?...is there a sign?...thanks

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        1. re: corky

          no, unfortunately, i can't; i know it's 1475 route 22, and a deli used to be there, but since i'm not from there, i don't remember any other locations around it. there were 2 other stores in the little strip mall, i think? and big w's was in the window (as in, on paper); no professional signs or anything.

          but i see the ny times just mentioned it; phone number 845-832-6200 so maybe you can get directions there?

          also - since you live in pawling - how's that little latino place in the center of town on the same side of the road as the bakery and bookstore? we were there friday for the winter festival, and no one was inside...

          1. re: corky

            it's on the west side of route 22, if that helps any!

          2. thanks for the info bob and cerv...i will find it on the way home today!!!...want to go to the latino place but have not made it yet...thanks again

            1. FINALLY!!!...i found it...and there is a sign now

              1. Do you have to get there early and wait on line to get ribs?

                I'm planning on driving up from Chappaqua today, so I figured it is worth the question.


                1. did you make it to big w?...how was it?

                  1. I went last Saturday at 5:00 pm. Got the tour of the Smokehouse as well. My first time at the new spot. Ribs are wonderful. Smokey, meaty, fall off the bone. Tasted the pulled pork.....loved that too. The beans were tangy sweet with pieces of pork mixed in.....DELICIOUS!! However, the coleslaw is commercial, very uninspired. The mac'n cheese bland....not BAD, just uninspired when compared with the beans. The basmati rice tasty but i would not go outof my way for it.

                    I drove 35 miles for the ribs....and I will do it again....Next time, however, I will take my side orders, which come with the ribs ALL in BEANS :)

                    1. We've passed by a few times but haven't had a chance to stop. What are the hours and what are the prices like?

                      1. open at 4pm...wed. to mon...chicken 11...half chicken 7...half rack ribs 14...pulled pork 11...brisket 11(?)...beans are GREAT

                        1. nice mention in today's ny times...


                          (fair use snippet
                          )Fifty-four dollars bought us a “For the table” sampler that also included a full rack of pork ribs and a pound of pulled pork. It was a perverse amount of meat — enough to slay a tableful of hungry eaters and send everyone home with a to-go pack of smoky ’cue — and even with gas money figured in it was wildly cheaper than anything in the city.

                          There’s not a bird back in town that approaches Big W’s slow chicken

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                          1. re: bob gaj

                            Went to visit Warren today. The smell of smoke permeated the parking lot. We also took the "for the table" at 54 bux and loved it, though we didn't make a dent.

                            Pix below...

                            1. re: Roadfoodfan

                              Now open at noon everyday (Wednesday to Sunday). If you don't like BBQ, avert your eyes and take a detour.

                              1. re: georgeb

                                An enTIRE chicken?????????

                                Take that Q, I have a new BBQ place.

                                Thanks all.

                                1. re: dolores

                                  Prices at Big W were fantastic. Sadly, it's a good 45 mins- 1 hour away and Q is practically right down the block - well five or six miles anyway - at least from where I am.

                                  1. re: laylag

                                    I know. But I was so unimpressed with Q, and would gladly stop at the crazy taco place on the way, so of a Sunday, a drive for tacos and BBQ would be an appealing idea.

                                    1. re: dolores

                                      Definitely worth a drive and bring some extra home. Our leftovers were still delicious the next day.

                            2. hey bob...nice to see the new york times rave...getting ribs there sunday as part of the 18th birthday party i'm hosting for my neice

                              1. Does the Big W takes credit cards or is it cash only?

                                1. Stopped in today for lunch, met Warren and his two sons (charming),toured smoker, and stuffed ourselves wih what we think is the best bbq in NY period. This is a destination stop.

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                                  1. re: chowdom

                                    nice to have you on board chowdom!

                                  2. We picked up dinner for ourselves and a few family members yesterday. The food traveled really well back to Westchester. Everyone was blown away by this food including us, it just seems to get better every time we go there. (hi Corky have you been there lately?) Oh and he added a new side pulled pork stuffing, not bad but not in the same league as the beans.

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                                    1. re: chowdom

                                      glad you made it there cd...since im only 5 miles away its all i can do to limit myself to twice a month

                                      1. re: corky

                                        Thats funny I was thinking to myself yesterday "thank god I don't live closer I'd have a problem staying away" This was the first time we did take out we usually eat there and it was just as good.

                                        1. re: chowdom

                                          so glad to hear all this good stuff about Big W:) I'm going for my BD on Friday, took the day off work. We were going to go to Wilson's, I saw it on Diner's, Drivins and Dives, but there seems to be mixed feelings about Wilson's. I have not found a bad word about Big W's BBQ, my favorite food in the world. In the summer we have the smoker, the weber and a gas grill going as much as possible. We live in Bklyn I think this will be worth the trip:) Thanks Chowhounder's I'm new to this site, I just love it!

                                          1. re: BonnieB.

                                            Bonnie, have you ever tried the guy in the trailer in the Bronx, Mo Gridders? not as far as Wingdale. I haven't but I have been the W, it is quit good, especially the brisket. enjoy the trip up North

                                            1. re: martyl9

                                              Well we got to Mo Gridders, I liked it very much. I will say this, Big W's got him by a mile with his brisket, for me it's Big W's over Mo's, but I will go back to Mo Gridder's it's so close.

                                            2. re: BonnieB.

                                              Enjoy and do report back, (they are closed Monday and Tuesday) and they stay open until they sell out. http://www.bigwsbbq.com/ and happy birthday!

                                              1. re: chowdom

                                                Marty, I've seen him on TV once, that will be a definate try next time, thanks;) And thank you chowdom for the BD wish! I've checked out the website and I'll call anyhow the day before just to make sure they will be open, can't wait, and I will get back to this post about it for sure. :))

                                                1. re: BonnieB.

                                                  OK, yesterday was my BD so we went to Big W's, took the ride with my BF and son, both complaining about the ride all the way there! But they went for me...and all my friends were working that day anyhow:(
                                                  I'm not a food blogger so I'll try my best to describe all.
                                                  In one word it was AWSOME! We walked in a were greeted by this big teddy bear of a man and his little daughter trying to sell paper hearts to make money for a Disney Trip, lol, very cute, at the end I did give her my dollar, and the smell of the smoker, heaven for me.
                                                  Super friendly man, and when we told him we came from Bensonhurst he said he last lived in Dyker Park, we reminissed for bit and then he made up a tray for all of us, we left it in his hands. All his meats plus a smoked, not to hot paper boat of chicken wings, nice size ones too. Came with ranch dressing and celery to cool your mouth off.
                                                  The ribs were moist, meaty and not quite falling off the bone, just the way they should be, nice bark on them. He cuts off the rib tips and slices them and on top of the mound they go. His bbq sauce is a fruity based sauce with a slight kick, I liked it very much.
                                                  The pulled pork was very juicy and tender, melted in your mouth, truly. Now the brisket was for me, awsome, succulent slices of meat, fatty yes, but that made the flavor, and so what , take the fat off if that bothers you, it was great. And last the chickens, "like butta", the meat on this bird was soft, moist and delicious, not a bad thing to say about it. And I loved the chicken skin, crackley good!
                                                  Sides were dam good too, we loved the beans with hunks meat in them, the macaroni and cheese was pretty good to, you can see he used real cheddar in there, we liked it. Also something called dirty mashed potatoes, think of the best pototoe knish you've ever had, for me it was a Shatskins knish on Brighton Beach in summer, oniony, creamy good. That filling would be great in a blintz and that's what I'm going to do with the container we brought home, yum. Also his rice was a jasmine rice with an Indian type spice, a bit sticky but very good, the BF liked it. And finally last, the rice pudding, we loved it, it has ground cinnamon all the way through it, (if you don't like cinnamon maybe not for you) but he served it warm with fresh whip cream on top and it was luscious, and not too sweet.
                                                  Is Big W's worth the trip, the BF and son say YES! Brought my daughter home some Q for her and her roomies and she decided not to share, just too good.
                                                  I hope this wasn' t to boring, I'm just a lady who likes her BBQ not a writer. I just want you all to know how wonderful Big W was:)

                                                  1. re: BonnieB.

                                                    Glad you enjoyed it. We love Big W and were thinking of trying to get up there this weekend, don't think we can make it and now, after reading your post, i'm jonesing for it even more. We're in Westchester so may have to check out this Bronx truck if I can figure out where and what it is exactly.

                                                    1. re: laylag

                                                      laylag, check out www.mogridders.com I believe that's what you speak of. Another Hounder mentioned it, I think that's my next bbq taste test. But we're already planning on going back up when things get nicer and there are some festivals etc. up by Big W, spend the day up there. We come from Brooklyn and I didn't think it was that bad a ride. If I lived in Westchester I think I'd be there a few times a month, more if I wasn't watching the ol'cholesterol.

                                                  2. re: BonnieB.

                                                    bonnie - you could work out a swap system...bring up some difara's and other assorted stuff, we'll swap some big w and other mid hudson goodies. win win all around :)

                                                    how is big w compared to hill country (in manhattan)? i've never been to hill country...

                                                    1. re: bob gaj

                                                      Hey Bob gaj, the swap system sounds good! After we got home, we took another ride over to Lords Bakery, which everyone has spoken of but I've never been, on the way home we passed Difara's, uhh, if I wasn't so stuffed already I would have loved to have a slice or two, just couldn't. The place was packed 5 deep by the counter area, around 8pm. I'll have to go back this week.
                                                      I've never been to Hill country either, I heard they have their bbq sent up frommmm...gee I can't remember, obviously they can' t have a big old smoker in NYC, unless I'm thinking of another place. Went down to Ga. two years ago, thought we'd get good BBQ down there. Everything closed sooo early! We can only find a place called Shane's BBQ, it wasn't bad, but no comparison to Big W. For a jewish guy from Brooklyn he done did well:)

                                        2. just wanted to give a general update. stopped by big w on a couple recent sunday late-afternoons; the line was packed! 10 ppl deep both times, all with varying reasons. some were people going back to nyc and taking it back with them, some local workers who needed the re-fill of hearty food, and a lot of people who obviously had been there several times before.

                                          he's added a few things to the menu. there's a "sloppy rib on a bun" which was the pork with bbq sauce. i asked what it was like, and he gave me (and everyone else) a little cup full of the stuff. he immediately made 1 sale to me for my wife, in the form of the smallest size sandwich, something like tastefully sensibly or something. NOT the sensibly sized; those are the medium sized ones. but even the small size sandwich had pork falling over the sides and off the bun.

                                          also, he had a periodic special: burnt ends on a bun. the person in front of me got one of those sandwiches.

                                          and the food was wonderful as always. four clean plates were the result.

                                          the menu on the website (bigwsbbq.com) isn't completely up to date, for those who haven't been there yet.

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                                          1. re: bob gaj

                                            I'm on vacation this week. We were going to take a ride to Mo Gridders since it's only 40minutes from us. Reading this makes me want to take the ride and go back to Big W's. He is such a nice person, gave us lots of food and I know he didn't charge us for all of it. It was my birthday and I wanted a T-shirt when we left and he threw me one and wouldn't take a penny. Nice guy, great BBQ, I love it.

                                            1. re: BonnieB.

                                              Agreed. Warren is the best. So friendly and humble, and he clearly has a passion for what he does. We had bbq over Labor Day weekend and picked up ribs (terrific as always), but before we left, he gave us a sample of some sort of brisket - I think these were the burnt ends referenced above? Oh. My. God. Unbelievable. Tender, juicy, tangy - next time I go to Big W's, I'm getting an order of this.
                                              It's so great to have a place like Big W's around here.