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Dec 2, 2006 11:54 AM

What Would You Have Done?

Feeling ever so slightly hungry my gf and I went to a chain resto to grab some beer and a salad. We ordered a asian chicken salad and two mugs of beer. The place wasn't busy at all and our beer came in a timely manner.

Few minutes later came the salad but lo and behold no chicken... So we hail our waiter and tell him that the chicken is missing from our salad and he gives us the most indifferent look and replies "oh" and takes the salad back to the kitchen.

5 minutes later he comes back with our chicken salad and I notice that our "asian" salad is lacking a couple other ingredients that were clearly listed under the menu description including water chestnuts and shredded fried noodles. We track down our waiter again who went missing for a couple minutes to flirt with some other customers and tell him that our salad is missing a couple other items.

His response "so what do you want me to do?"

I reply "can you fix the salad to the description on the menu?"

With a sigh he once again takes back the salad and we finish our first mug of beer (which was probably the highlight of our visit). Another 5 minutes pass and the waiter comes by, silently drops off the salad bowl and continues walking on by. It appears the rest of the missing ingredients were pretty much thrown sloppily on top of the chicken rather than tossed to fully incorporate all the ingredients.

Furious, I asked to speak to the manager. I told the manager the story, of how we had to send back a simple salad two times and how ingredients were missing and how sloppily they've been corrected. So the manager asks "so do you want a new salad?"

I respond "Honestly, we'd like to see the food we get served a little more presentable and appetizing. I'm sure many other customers would probably throw a tantrum but we're not that type and we just want YOU the manager to know that the service here isn't up to standard par and that you'll lose business in the long run." He said "thanks and left"

We ended up eating the salad, although it sort of ruined the whole dining experience cause it seemed we were arguing more than actually eating or drinking. I feel we were very patient and expected the manager to do something to make up for the whole situation, I'm not talking about comp or anything but even a sincere apology would have done... was I asking too much or did my ends justify the means?

We ended up not finishing the salad. And our tip was, missing a percentage or two...

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  1. Most chain restaurants have a website.

    I would go on the website and write an email to their feedback or contact person. The email then goes above the individual restaurant, to the Corporate people. It certainly won't help with your meal situation this time, but it does offer them a clear message, perhaps they will try to "right a wrong". Some of the time, they send a complimentary offer.

    Just one idea. Sorry about your meal.

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    1. re: mcel215

      if you email corporate, youll get something free for sure.

      1. re: niccole

        yes thats true. but nothing will change in the long run :-/

      2. re: mcel215

        No, no, no! Do not send emails on things of this nature! Write A Letter! A Letter is given much higher priority and will be delivered to the franchiser/regional manager with a brisk note, "Fix it" attached.

        BTDT. I still write Letters (good, bad, and ugly.)

      3. The original comment has been removed
        1. Ditto with the other comments. One has to be kinda careful about how far you go when food keeps being sent back. Your salads could come back with god-only-knows what added on!

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          1. re: Tanya Wiens

            yep, I worked in restaurants toooo long. I would have done one send back and then asked for the additional toppings to be brought out to me soon as possible while I started on the salad.

          2. You were a lot more polite than I would have been. I agree that follow-up in an email might improve your mood.

            1. Sounds as if you tipped better than I would have. Tip "missing
              a percentage or two?" I would've left 1%.