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Dec 2, 2006 11:45 AM

reheating a tamale?

Got a gorgeous take-out tamale last night, but it was very big and so half of it is in the fridge for later. What's the best simple way to reheat it so it gets that steamy tamale consistency?

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  1. Between two plates in the microwave.

    1. It's probably best to steam it for a few minutes -- don't do it for too long, or it will get wet and loose. Maybe 5 minutes? They actually reheat well in the microwave, too, but I'm not sure you'd get quite the same texture. You might try sprinkling a little water over the tamale and then quickly reheating in the microwave.

      1. Steam until warm, don't think there's a danger of getting it wet.

        1. I usually reheat mine in the microwave- cover with a wet paper towel so the tamale steams as it reheats.

          1. Well, if I have the time, I steam them, if I'm in a hurry or must eat Right Now, then microwave. For me, steaming gets better results.