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Dec 2, 2006 06:43 AM

L'Affair Cafe - Mission Hills

This place is a hidden gem on Sepulveda just north of the 118 fwy. Excellent food, great professional service, nice wine list and well made cocktails. Tonight had the lamb shank, served with linguine. Really good. They do a great job with fish as well. Whitefish Oscar, Cajun Halibut. Nice filet mignon with bernaise sauce. Have tried several of the blackboard specials, all excellent. Really good Paella when they have it. Best (maybe only) option for "fine dining" in the north Valley.

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  1. Having just finished off the little piece of leftover Filet from L'Affair Cafe, I have to say this place is indeed a true hidden gem. Started with the bruschetta, the balsamic was perfection, just a little sweet and it perked up the buffalo mozzarella creating a very tasty tangy star. I then had the French onion soup ..... I happen to believe that there is no such thing as too much cheese and they didn't disappoint me at all, it was a cheese fest that only enhanced the seriously dark, rich broth and sweet onions inside, add the crunchy crouton topping baked all golden brown and bubbly and you have one of the best onion soups I have ever had..... The blackboard specials are always an interesting mix of old delicious standbys like lamb shank in a merlot sauce , and pork medallions in a honey mustard sauce to the outstanding ,saffron infused paella and the linguini jambalaya. Flavors and sauces all put together in a very nice - not too expensive package. bout the same as most of the steak houses (The filet was $33). Our table ordered the Chilean Sea bass in a sun dried tomato cream sauce that was wonderfully tender and juicy we also had the rack of lamb which never fails to live up to perfection, but for me it was the filet that is really the star, yummmmmm.... meat.... Ok so I have Neanderthal tendencies from time to time, but there is nothing better that a FLAVORFUL Filet. It had a great sear/char around the edges, still extremely tender and yet not quite as much flavor as a rib eye but surprisingly close. I have been there several times (since it's right around the corner from me) the older waiter who has worked there for a very long time is incredibly attentive, polite and not too overly chummy (I really hate that) and also very intuitive.... as on more than one occasion he was there right whenever we needed a refill or ready to omove onto the next course....
    This French Bistro-esque restaurant is most definitely worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. The parking is adequate but a little weird as there is only a one lane entrance going in and out, don't let the locale fool you as it's next to Hamer Toyota and Arby's...I know a lil' scary...... but trust me this place is REALLY good.

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      Interesting the timing of your post - Larry Lipson reviewed it this past week in the Daily News. Been there 31 years!!!
      When in the north to northeast portion of the Valley, it is a true respite from all the chains everywhere, and good and reliable food it is.

    2. I haven't been in years, but I will agree with the aspect of it being a hidden gem. I haven't been enough nor had a wide enough assortment of the menu to go as far as to recommend it, but it's certainly worth trying out, especially if you're already in the northern reaches of the SFV

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        One surprising menu item here at lunch is the Chinese chicken salad. I did not think that a place that is supposedly French-Italian would make a good lunch salad, but its unique and satisfying. The base is romaine lettuce and they add asparagus spears, scallions, mandarin oranges, good crunchies, almonds, and a generous amount of thin chicken strips. Good dressing too! I liked this place when I was a business manager in North Hills---we could always count on a relatively quiet environment and pleasant service.

      2. Yes, L'Affair. Another of the "Birthday Girls" favorites. My mom always gets the escargot. I love the french onion soup. Cannot exactly remember what I ordered, but it was GOOOD!! Been there for years! Try it! ;-)

        1. I just wanted to mention that in the Valley Edition of the Daily News, you can usually find a "buy 1, get 1 free" coupon for weekdays. Good value!

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              My mom loves this place, too. (I grew up in Granada Hills -- my folks still live in the house where I grew up.)

              My mom also loves Todai - so take her rec for what it's worth.

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              I originally discovered this gem using the valley coupon book that you get from fundrasers etc.... 2 for 1 !!!??!! amazing, for food this good