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Dec 2, 2006 06:16 AM

best turkish restaurant?

soo...i'm looking for the best turkish restaurant in manhattan...any suggestions? thanks! on a side note--has anyone ever been to turks and frogs? i passed by it the other night and it was packed!

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  1. Turkish Kitchen is our favorite

    1. Turks & Frogs is my favorite Turkish. I've been twice w/ Turkish friends and we all enjoyed our meals. I prefer it to Pasha (which would be my second choice) mainly because it is more laid back and the food is more modern. Pasha is more Ottoman style - heavier food and decor. Turks & Frogs reminds me more of places I go to in Istanbul.
      Haven't been to Taksim yet or the new place in midtown - Pera.

      1. Turks and Frogs is excellent. I suggest concentrating on any of the Soguk Mezelers (cold appetizers) since those were the highlight of my meal there. The Cacik yogurt and any of the eggplant appetizers were my favorite. Ali Baba's on 34th between 2nd and 3rd is also a wonderful Turkish restaurant. It's a little more casual than Turks and Frogs and the food seems a little more "homemade."

        1. I'm a big fan of Ali Baba. Turkish Kitchen is good, but it didn't knock my socks off. It's considerably more pricey than Ali Baba. Ali Baba is one of the best deals in town, regardless of cuisine.

          1. Another rec. for Turks & Frogs. I've been to the one in Tribeca a couple of times and thought it was terrific. For me the standout dish was the Tandir. (From their menu description - "Thinly sliced roasted lamb with fresh oregano served with traditional rice.") The lamb is meltingly tender with a tremendous depth of flavor. Highly recommended. One of the best things I've had anywhere in the last 12 months.

            BTW, lots of Turkish places seem to be casual spots, brightly light and short on atmosphere. By contrast T&F in Tribeca is an elegant spot which attracts a stylish crowd. Although they don't enforce a dress code you'll want to avoid jeans and aim for business casual.