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Dec 2, 2006 04:43 AM

Amuse Bouche - Dessert Tasting Menu

For those of you chowhound looking for a GOOD 'dessert' place to spend an evening. I highly recommend Amuse Bouche's 3,5 or 7 courses dessert tasting menu. Our party of 5 ordered 4 X 5 courses menu. Of the 20 desserts, only 4 were repetitive. Every dessert was unique, tasty and different. Presentation was also very eye appealing. At $28, I think it's a steal! Contrary to some report, service was very friendly and efficient.

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  1. I agree and love the place. Had some outstanding dishes there. The best lamb shank I have ever had in Toronto - truly succulent and just peppery enough. I have had perfectly prepared duck with a spicy rub - the meat was medrare and juicy and not the least bit tough, I think they must pound it first or something. Then there are the cheeses and desserts, from sharp to bitter to sweet. Perfect endings.

    Now I will have to try the dessert tasting. thanks