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Dec 2, 2006 04:21 AM

Good Lunch Options In St. Pete?

I need HELP! I work in St. Pete and live in Tampa, and am still relatively new to the area, so knowing a good place to eat isn't really that easy for me. I work in the field almost all day, so I'm not looking for a nice sit down kind of place, but a good grab and go with a seating option would be good that's reasonably priced. Just so you understand my plight, I've had Wendy's three times this week. THANKS!

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  1. St. pete is a huge place. interstate travel alone will take 20 minutes to go from the northern to the southern most points. mid-county travel can take literally hours. so can you narrow down your location a bit? you'll get more responses. and what type of food do you like? burgers? that also would help.

    1. I work all over the St. Pete area, so there's really no way to narrow down an area unfortunately. My job has me in the field all day, so I can't say "find me a place by my office." I'd prefer something on the healthier side, despite my propensity for Wendy's this week...and perhaps some good ethnic food of any kind. Thanks!

      1. Some lunch suggestions.....

        Moon Under Water (Beach Dr.) Good sandwiches and curry and nice outdoor tables.

        Tangelos (downtown...I think at 2nd St and Central?) Good Cuban sandwiches.

        Beverly's in St. Pete favorite breakfast menu in town.

        Chattaway...22nd Ave S and 4th St...great burgers and funky place to eat outside.

        El Cap...4th Street and 30th Ave N. (I think....maybe a few blocks north of that) Another great place for burgers.

        1. How about Mazzaro's on 22nd Ave. N. around 30th Ave. They make really good subs and sandwiches along with all kinds of prepared foods. With a few tables out under the trees, you are covered.

          Another place I like is Fat Boy's on 94th Ave. N. just west of 9th St. They have a really good italian beef along with all kinds of other Chicago offerings.

          Then there is the Coney Island Stand on 9th St. N. around 3rd ave. Good coney dogs. And inexpensive too.

          Hope this helps.


          1. Old Key West Cafe, behind the Dali museum. Sandwiches and hot, fresh fries. Beer too, and outdoor seating by the water. Delicious.