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Dec 2, 2006 03:48 AM

New Bakery in Park Slope?

While out running an errand this evening, I noticed a new bakery had opened on 7th avenue, in between Smiling Pizza and Uncle Louie G's at 9th street. I didn't get a chance to go in and speak to the proprietor, but oh, did those pastries and cakes look lovely. There was no signage at all, and only one guy in there running the show. Has anyone else seen or heard about it?

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  1. Seen it and looks promising, but yes indeed there's an identity issue...the (IIRC Eastern European) lady behind the counter called it the "No Name" bakery.

    My visual assessment about the quality is somewhere between "Delices de Paris" and "Cousin John's", if that is any indication. Sample items tasted were adequate and my feeling here is that they're pushing "middle-ground" product at the high-volume F-stop location.

    Join the naming contest!

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    1. re: Mike R.

      I'm excited about being able to pick up something sweet on the way home, although my diet will not be better for it. Thanks for the info!

    2. is the Italian Bakery on 7th Avenue near Union St. still there?

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      1. re: marlie202

        Regina's is now another kid's clothing store.

      2. This new storefront is a retail outlet of Delices de Paris.

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        1. re: Susan Hope

          Too bad, I was really hoping for a "fresh" face in the neighborhood. Used to buy at Delices de Paris quite a bit, but feel that they have lost their touch in recent years.