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Dec 2, 2006 03:22 AM

dining coupons for space coast area

Leaving soon for a holiday in and around cocoa beach. In Canada you can get coupons (2 for one, free appetizer/dessert, discounts on meals) on tourist esites, also on visa and mastercard sites-great for tourists on a budget. Do such coupons exist downthere -if so, how to access. Also do many restaurants have early bird specials and what is the time interval for those specials. Suggestions and tips about dining out with savings in mind will be appreciated.

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  1. The TGIF section in the local paper, Florida Today, always has advertisements for local restaurants and many of the ads feature coupons, so that is an invaluable resource. Might also want to check out a local magazine, Brevard Dining Out Guide, available for free in most of the local hotels and the like, they also feature tons of ads, many with coupons. Most Early Bird Specials seem to run between 4 - 6 PM, but that may change depending on the restaurant, I would always call ahead first to verify.

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      thanks very much, I found both online and was happy to read some local news (coming down to see the shuttle takeoff) and can see that there are coupons as well. I am really looking forward to having some fresh fish and sunny warm weather.

    2. I just got back to canada from the space coast and saw there were lots of coupons in the tourist books but didnt have time to followup. However, I really enjoyed the meals (at decent prices)I had at restaurants I had chosen from lists on chowhound: tasty stuffed french toast with strawberries for breakfast at Simply Delicious restaurant (behind mangotree) at cocoa beach, terrific fish and sidedishes at murdochs in cocoa village, dixie crossroads in titusville(loved those grilled rock shrimps) and of course the lunch with the astronaut at kennedy space center (and then seeing shuttle blast off) was the most memorable (the butter and flower arrangements in shape of space shuttle!). Also enjoyed drinks at restaurant/bar (forgot name), just after cocoa village prior to taking causeway over river-so relaxing sitting on the pier watching dolphins swim by. Also thought one of the restaurants on the pier at cocoa beach had lovely view of beach and surfers but didnt have time to try it out. Thanks for suggestions posted in the florida section, can't wait to come back to try others on my list.