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Dec 2, 2006 03:12 AM

Poutine Rapee

Anyone know where I can get real Acadian poutine rapee in Ontario? Otherwise I fear a very long road trip coming on....

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  1. I love poutine but have never heard of Acadian poutine--what is it?

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    1. Wow - good luck. I've never seen a Poutine Rapee in Ontario; making one is probably easier.

      Actually, I had some people in the back of a church near Moncton show me their Poutine-making operation. It was fun. :)

      I could get you a recipe, although I see one posted above. My acadian wife informs me that you may be able to get a canned Claude poutine delivered from somewhere. Won't be as good as a fresh one, but ...

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          Claude poutine rapée is now out of business, unfortunately. If you see any cans in stores, snatch them up because that's all there's ever going to be!

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            THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINES??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I had called the company a year and a half ago because I couldn't find any in Massachusetts. The woman said that because of new regulations, they had to package them differently to ship them into the U.S. NOW WHAT???!!!

        2. You can actually buy canned poutine rapee. I've never seen it in Ontario but my mum in Bathurst, NB sends me some in the mail :)

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