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Dec 2, 2006 03:08 AM

Breakfast in Houston

I'm looking for a place that offers a leisurely breakfast in a casual environment. I have heaps of paperwork that needs to be completed but I like to bribe myself with trying new restaurants. I know that it isn't appropriate to "camp" in all restaurants. Therefore, I'm looking for a restaurant with good food, comfortable seats, good lighting and a leisurely environment that won't rush me out.

I've enjoyed going to Dietrick's (sp) in Rice for tea but it is often packed on the weekend. I don't want the guilt of "I've just taken the last table... must hurry out" feeling.

Thanks :)

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  1. I like Onion Creek in the Heights, but it's more of a coffee mention Diedrich's. There's a very small farmers market there as well.

    I also like Empire Cafe in Montrose. It's offer a more typical style breakfast though I haven't tried anything but their omelettes.

    Empire seems to get more traffic but you can linger at either.

    I don't live inside the Loop so those are the only 2 that I frequent. There are so many to try though. Let me know what you thought and if you've found others. I go inside the Loop as often as I can and I like trying new places too.

    1. Actually, I'm open to just about any location!

      I'm about an hour drive from the Rice area but I have family who live closeby. I too like Empire Cafe! I mentioned Dietrich's simply for the "spirit" of the place - no hurry, stay as long as you want.

      I'm close to Bush Airport but I've not found alot of "take your time" type places around here.

      A friend has recently raved about Onion Creek. I'm thinking that may be my place for today.

      As a teacher, there is always need for food and a relaxed grading spot! I find that there are often too many distractions if I stay at home so I like to appreciate a new restaurant and knock out the grading before I return.

      1. I was always partial to the West Gray Cafe when I was working in Houston a couple of years ago.

        I would have breakfast there a few days a week with my cousin and we were never rushed. It had the feel of a divey diner-ish place, but the people were great, the location was unbeatable, and I loved my regular omelette.

        1. The Breakfast Klub (3711 Travis, in Midtown) is one possibility. It's quite friendly, the food is great. I wonder if it might get a little noisy, and while they're really accommodating, it can get busy enough that I wonder about camping. But it's worth a try!

          When I was at UH, I frequently studied at Dot's Coffee Shop (7006 Gulf Freeway). It's above average diner food in an atmosphere frozen in time.

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            Topping for some new ideas...

            The grading mania resumes.