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Dec 2, 2006 02:56 AM

Dim sum to go

I have a problem without a solution. My mother is 93, loves dim sum, and is not able to leave the house. I would like to bring her some. She has enjoyed Ocean Star, 888 and Yang Sing in San Francisco.

I know that Empress Pavillion used to have a take out store with a limited selection, but I do not know of another place. Do any of the major yum cha/dim sum palaces provide take out services? If they do not, is does anyone have any suggestion

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  1. I think most dim sum restos will be happy to give you take out. Just get the menu and a waiter.

    If you're looking for a special counter, other than Empress Pavilion, I only know that the Arcadia Full House had a counter connected to the neighboring food court. I'm not sure if that still exists.

    1. In China Town, Empress as mentioned, ABC, CBS & Won Kok.

      1. Won Kok in Chinatown probably has the widest "to go" selection.

        Din Tai Fung in Arcadia (in a mini mall on Baldwin and Duarte) has the most amazing juicy pork dumplings, that I think are better than traditional dim sum. They have other dumplings and dishes as well but the juicy pork dumplings are the best. Not your typical dim sum spread but so great. You can get them as take-out. Also get delicious desserts from the bakery in the same mini mall.

        VIP Harbor Seafood on Wilshire and Barrington will package dim sum to go, you can call ahead. Actually, they even deliver... I just got delivery from there last night (although dim sum is only served at lunchtime. Not sure if they delivery at lunch.)

        There's also a shack on Garfield in Monterey Park that has very good dim sum to go.

        I'm sure Dumpling Master on Atlantic in Monterey Park can also be prepared to go.

        Craving it now...

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          Where is Won Kok? I couldn't find it on city search . . .

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            That's because its called New Won Kok !!! (nothing "new" about the place--there used to be a sister restaurant in Lincoln Heights called Won Kok)

            210 Alpine St (corner of High Street).
            I think their dim sum is kind of marginal..but they do a brisk take out.

            Not a dim sum restaurant--good for Americanized Cantonese food(cheap), but you can order dim sum with your meal even at dinner.

            I like Family Pastry better which is across the street from CBS Seafood.

        2. I was gonna suggest the shack on Garfield (between Garvey and I-10). It open almost all day, not just mornings.

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            Yeah, that place is surprisingly good. It's called Dim Sum Express or something, and is directly across the street from one of those ghastly "professional" looking minimalls that houses Saigon Sandwich.

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              I know that it used to be very good, years ago when it was called Fong's Burgers and they didn't have any burgers, just dim sum. Generally though, I've always thought dim sum was one of those foods that doesn't travel very well.

              1. re: estone888

                That's funny because I've always thought dim sum is a great snack for the road. Sometimes on the way to Vegas I stop at that shack or Dumpling Master and stock up for the drive! better than fast food... True, some dim sum is "snacker" than others, shiu mai and har gow is probably better for the road than beef rice noodle.

          2. I can't think of a dim sum restaurant that wouldn't package dim sum to go. I've even had take out from Sea Harbour. As far as dedicated take out areas are concerned in addition to those already mentioned, there's Capital Seafood in Monterey Park, Ocean Seafood in Chinatown, and Seaworld in Rosemead. Also the old Hong Kong Low takeout in the alley behind the Chinatown Plaza.