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Dec 2, 2006 01:37 AM

Izakaya Kan Yuzen (Torrance)

My wife and I recently moved here to the area a few months ago and just started getting a feel for the area. We've been trying out places and are glad that we found Izakaya Kan Yuzen in Torrance. This place we feel is the best Izakaya out there. My wife (born and raised 28 years in Japan) thought this place was great. We had the beef yakitori, a tofu dish, and some others I can't remember at the moment. The restaurant is nice and clean, service is great and food is awesome.

This place isn't cheap however, but is by far better than places like Honda-ya, which I think is way overrated. Definetly check this place out.

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  1. hmm where is this one located? old/new place? i've been to a few in the area but don't recall all the names. honda-ya gets pretty high marks on these boards, so this is saying a lot.

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      corner of PCH and Crenshaw... in the same mall as Big 5/Pei Wei/Panera Bread.

      I agree with OP... it's good food, but definitely can put a large dent in your wallet.

    2. Interesting. Have you been to Azuma Izakaya in Gardena on Western and 166ish street? Every time I go it is always packed with the local Asian youth. Curious of your thoughts.

      1. i was wondering about this place since it seemed newish. thanks for posting. have you tried musha on carson in torrance (or santa monica) yet? if so, how does it compare?

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          To one of the posts, yes Honda-ya gets good marks, but I sorta feel like its because everyone says its so great and feels the need to agree. My friend from Japan who's studying ESL in San Francisco was dying to get Japanese food (says the Japanese food in S.F. sucks) and took him to Honda-ya and he did not comment that any dish was good.

          As for other Izakayas, unfortunately I compare them to the ones in Japan while I lived there, which isn't fair of course. But Musha is quite good. The scenery (girls) is even better, so if you are looking for a fun atmosphere, Musha is the place to go. I know all the young Japanese exchange students go there for a fun time.

          I've never been to Azuma, I think I'll check it out.

          1. re: gachimai

            I should note that Azuma is kinda hard to find as it's a tiny little place. Here are the specifics on its location, etc:


            1. re: gachimai

              i've never been to honda-ya actually, as it's in the OC and pretty far from anything i normally frequent. but i do keep hearing a lot about it.

              i too used to live in japan. when it comes to izakaya, i've yet to really find one that i like; i go to haru ulala because it's close by, although the food is not particularly mind blowing. (i love that they have hamaguri tho) musha torrance is not bad but if i'm in the area i usually end up at shin sen gumi (which would actually be better than average in japan methinks). but now if musha is happenin' on a hot night... guess i just might have to check it out again!

              fwiw, i've learned not to always trust native japanese opinions about food - a lot of them (the ones i've met at least) have fairly limited, localized experiences, unlike us ex-pats who roam the length of Japan on rail passes just so we can eat soba in so-and-so podunk town on some mountain somewhere =P


            2. re: wowimadog

              to me, musha is more of a rowdier environment; i.k.y. is a little more (just a little) upscale and shows in its prices, too. for example, the waitresses wear kimonos and those japanese wooden platforms to serve you... pretty cool.

              1. re: tuttifrutti

                i should probably definitely go back to musha. rowdy is good ^^

            3. haha, yeah it gets rowdy there after hourds