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Dec 2, 2006 01:04 AM

Lamb/Goat near Ann Arbor

Years ago, there were a few Middle Eastern markets around Ann Arbor where you could get lamb or goat for a fraction of what it cost elsewhere. The very few markets like that that are still around now cost about what a supermarket does.

Anyone know of anyplace that still gives great prices on meat like that?

Willing to travel to Dearborn, for example.

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  1. We buy goat and lamb in Dearborn and Ann Arbor.
    In A2, we go to Aladdin's on Packard, just east of Platt. Usually get a whole leg; they will cut it up (cubes with the bone) and it's great for biryanis and other dishes. I've also made raan with the whole leg. Prices are competitive with halal meat places in Dearborn, slightly higher, but it saves us the drive from A2 to Dearborn.
    I buy rack of lamb from Costco. Great stuff.

    1. I know Aladdin's. That's a good store, and others in that strip. I was just wondering about other options. Thanks.