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Dec 2, 2006 01:01 AM

Returning to Otto

I have not been to Otto in the past year but I am going tomorrow with my family. My kids will love the gelato and I will like most everything else. Has anyone been here very recently and have any can't miss recs? I don't know which menu they are using, their web site and menupages are different but I am assuming the Otto page is current. I did the chowhound search but not much recent posts. Last time there I remember enjoying a nice cacio e pepe and their corn and fregula was amazing. Also, any can't miss wines? I am not a drinker but some in the party love wine.Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been in a few months, but on my last visit, I liked the mushroom and taleggio pizza and the carbonara. I think my favorite pizza is still the pane frattau.

    1. I love the Pasta alla Norma.

      1. For whatever reason ... this is the only place that I get pepperoni pizza. I guess it's b/c their salumi is top notch.

        Still think their pastas are waayyy too al dente.

        I stick to cheese (oohh that truffle honey), pizza, gelati and of couse some great wine and moscato.


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          If love their famous, disarmingly simple lardo pizza. And I agree that the cheese plate and gelati are winners. I'm not crazy about the atmosphere... it's a bit too big and loud for my tastes, but it's a fun place for an occasional visit.

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            I was there a couple of weeks ago - enjoyed the carbonara - when I ordered, I said that I'd like it al dente but not "crunchy" and the texture I received was perfect - don't know if my request actually made a difference.

          2. I think the cheese plate and antipasta dishes are great - cured meats, fish and vegetables - I've never had a bad thing. The sardines in particular stood out last time.

            1. The small tapas dishses are by far my favorite thing there. My favorite pasta dish is the spaghetti with pine nuts, basil, and olive oil (i cant remember the name im sorry!!). All the pizzas are amazing!