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Dec 2, 2006 12:18 AM

Dining along 495?

Any ideas for good restaurants off 495 btwn the Pike and Rhode Island? Doesn't have to be fancy, just good. Something ethnic would be great.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. It is pretty barren in that area except for chains, especially right off the highway.

    Your best bets may be in Franklin/Milford/Mansfield, and may depend on if you are looking for lunch or dinner.

    I travel through there, but don't know enough to think of little places that may be good.

    Hope someone in those areas chime in.

    I'm pretty sure there may be a couple of places around exit 17/495 Franklin that someone has mentioned before.

    1. On 126 in Bellingham I can recommend Portabello for casual, good pizza, homey sort of place, and Vercelli's, almost to Woonsocket for real good Italian in a nice setting. The veal is fantastico. Then there is Vintage for more upscale new American.

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        Just for the record (I see your post was from last December) the Portabello has been closed for several months.

      2. I don't know about southern MA, but if you decide to head into RI, I highly recommend Andrew's Bistro. Check out their website for a better idea of location, since it's not quite clear where you'll be driving from/to... They're in Cumberland, RI.

        1. I recently dined at Vercelli's Restaurant on Pulaski Blvd in Bellingham, MA. The food was excellent but the service was incredible. My husband and I had called and made a reservation for two on a Saturday night at 7pm. When we arrived the restaurant was busy but so amazing to look at. The atmosphere was warm and inviting amidst the bustle of the Saturday night chaos. The maitre de made us feel at ease when he escorted us to the bar for a cocktail before being seated. He had taken my jacket off for me and pushed in my chair. As far as I'm concerned this kind of service goes above and beyond what is expected. We waited about 15 minutes and were then seated in a room set off from the rest of the main dining area. This room was completely private with only a few tables and it just so happened that we knew two other couples that were seated in that same area!
          We were then given water, bread and dipping oil from a nice young man. Shortly after he left our waiter came over to greet us. His name I believe was Chris. Being the picky eater that I am, I had a lot of questions for the waiter. I have never had a waiter that knew the menu so extensively. Not only was he polite and enthusiastic about the menu and the restaurant itself, he was great at recommending appetizers and entrees. For an appetizer we had fried calamari, and it was so fresh and so lightly battered, that I can honestly say its the best I've had from any restaurant around this area. For entrees I had a broiled seafood platter and my husband had a parmigiana with veal chicken and eggplant. The seafood was phenomenal being so fresh and perfectly cooked. The portion was beyond exceptional and equally as exceptional in pricing. My husband's entree was equally as good because they have a great homemade marinara sauce.
          All in all my experience at the restaurant was wonderful. We felt very comfortable and were very pleased with the service. The inside was beautiful, the staff was very pleasant and inviting, and the price for everything was extremely reasonable. If your looking for an Italian restaurant, in a small town neighborhood with a great family atmosphere I would highly recommend Vercelli's in Bellingham, MA. I will definitely be back!

          1. Restaurant 45 in Medway and Prezo in Milford are both decent choices. The 45 is a little better, IMO and has a more varied menu. There's also Acapulco's and the Alamo in Milford for tex-mex.

            Restaurant 45
            45 Milford St., Medway, MA 02053

            Prezo Grille & Bar
            229 1/2 E Main St, Milford, MA 01757

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              Stopped at 45 in Medford based on this post...had a great meal- calamari 45 was huge, crispy, and delicious. Also had a burger and steak caesar which were reasonably priced, tasty full portions. The staff was great as well; waiter was attentive with drinks and food, and the bartenders friendly and funny, and even charged my phone behind the bar as it was on its last legs heading from the cape to western MA. Wish I lived closer as I would definitely visit often!