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Dec 2, 2006 12:14 AM

PanAsian! - Brattleboro, VT

Had lunch there today and this is my review:

Customer service very attentive and indulgent - overheard by me N/C for soup AND rangoon w/sandwich special; adding vegie fried rice to a lunch box at N/C).

Mgr (?) noticed that my dishes were brought too fast and apologized and then waitress apologized.

Hot and sour soup - delicious! Enoki and button mushrooms, great flavor, very soup-like in consistency instead of gelatin-like. Actual red paper flakes in it. One of the best H&S soups I've had in NE.

Spicy tuna roll good and fresh tasting but need to try more sushi to give a better review. A little on the small side, the roll.

Kung pao chicken was very tasty but could use a bit more spice. Nice velvety sauce. Perfect brown rice.

They also have a Starbucks kiosk here, but I opted for tea.

Lunch was $12 plus tip. All in all, above average taste and service; generous portions on Chinese food but the sushi cut roll was a little on the wee side.

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  1. Tried this restaurant again but still recommend the Chinese dishes over the sushi. The sushi rolls are a bit anemic and just mediocre really. (There's much better sushi in Brattleboro at Shin La.)

    Customer service remains superb and food is good.