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Dec 2, 2006 12:13 AM

Hayward B Street Chinese Food - recs ?

Spotted this Chinese restaurant. Had many classic Americanized dishes but looks like they were done quite well

What dishes are great ?


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  1. We visited this restaurant for dinner last night. They have a nightly menu which is excellent. Dishes are $5.00 each and are delicious and lettuce or onion fillers to make the servings look larger. The restaurant is large with high ceilings; the noise level was quiet for a Chinese restaurant. Service was quick and friendly. Not a place to hold a formal dinner but definitely a Chowhound's delight. It's on my favorites list.

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      during lunch time to late afternoon, they have the $2 menu (in Chinese...ask for it). Good chinese food with good classic cantonese execution, unfortunately the service is very slow or indifferent at times. They also have many Chinese-western food (i.e. macaroni, pasta, etc) that should be delightful for little kids.