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Dec 2, 2006 12:05 AM

I'm thinking about ordering a Lou Malnati's Pizza [Moved from Chains board]

I have an interesting story to tell you guys first. Yesterday I delivered this package (I'm a UPS Driver in West Hollywood) that said, "someone loves you a lot" on it and it peaked my couriousity as to what was inside. As I had the guy sign for it I noticed he had a gleeful expression on his face and I heard his girlfriend in the background ask, "is it here?" After all the commotion I just had to ask the guy what he ordered. Now, this is not something that I normally do but the guy seemed friendly and I was just dying to find out what was in the package. He then told me, "oh it's a Lou Malnati's Pizza". I then looked at him with a puzzled face and then he asked me, "you mean you've never heard of Lou Malnati's?" At first I said I didn't but then I remembered seeing a segment on The Food Network on Pizza and they featured a place that claimed to have the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. I also remembered that they mail ordered their pizzas and then it clicked. I then told the guy that I did see a special on The Food Network and he told me with a look that only a foodie has when he talks about food that they are the best pizzas he has ever had. He also said that they are the most expensive but worth it. Anyhow, I was wondering if you guys have ever tried them and if so are they worth it?

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  1. haha, if you live in Chicago, they are worth it. I have never tried having them shipped cross-country, but thank you, that is a great story.

    1. Hi Cali,

      I saw that segment, book marked the website and have been thinging about taking the plunge myself. Who can tell us what having the pizza delivered to you home and baking it is like?

      1. I've ordered Lou Malnati's pizza delivered at home (in Los Angeles) AND while traveling. When my husband and I travel to Indianapolis every year for the Formula One race, we have the pizzas delivered to our hotel, where we have a full kitchen.
        We've been doing the delivery for several years, and have never had any kind of problem with defrost, bad product, etc. The pizza arrives minutes after we check in via FEDEX.(our choice). My apologies to Cali!
        At home, we bake the pizza on the pizza stone. In Indy, we bake the pizza right on the oven rack.
        Either way, the pizzas are delicious and, to me, well worth the cost. I would highly recommend that you try it once and see for yourself! Better yet, ask for a gift card for Christmas.

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          Wow, $38 for a 9" pizza? That must be some pizza!

          1. re: chowser

            Yes, individual pizzas are not cheap. But if you order in quantity, the cost of the FedEx is spread across more pies, bringing down each one's cost. Before I had access to great pizza here in SF I did it fairly often with a friend.

        2. After my best friend and I spent a summer working in North Lawndale, and eating SO much Lou Malnati's pizza and lemon ice, I ordered several pizzas to be delivered to Seattle for her birthday. The pizzas were in great shape, and totally delicious. Okay, so this was like 9 years ago, but still I have such a fondness for it. Maybe I will order one or two for her Christmas gift!

          1. Living here in Chicago, I will say that Lou Malnati's is among my favorite pizzas, ever- and I have purchased their frozen pizzas both at the grocery store and from the source- the frozen pizzas are pretty darn good.
            They seem a bit expensive for you out of condolences... if you have a handful of sawbucks burning a hole in your wallet, i say go for it! Get a taste of the Windy city!