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Dec 1, 2006 11:27 PM

Where to buy good mini-biscotti in SF?

I'm looking to purchase some tasty mini-biscotti for a holiday party. I'm hoping to avoid the price range of Citizen Cake or something, but I don't want to go Stella D'Oro either. Any ideas for these, maybe in upscale supermarkets or anything?


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  1. A fried brought some Cantucci di Prato from Emporio Rulli to a dinner at my house. Delicious, small and the right size to serve with caffe after dinner. They were better dunked in coffee than in the vin santo.

    1. Since it was sold about a year ago, Danilo Bakery keeps getting better and better.

      Not that it competes with the Rulli/Citizen Cake types, but WAY better than Stella D'Oro. Danilo is a respectable old-stype Italian Bakery. Victoria Pastry does a decent job too. At both places I would buy one of each type to try first to ensure freshness.

      That being said, I am crazy in love ... crazy in love ... with the mini-biscotti at La Biscoterria in Redwood City.

      They are super fresh and delicious. They sell full-sized biscotti pre-bagged in some marketes, but it is no the same as those mini biscotti direct from the bakery. Gotta get down there soon.

      1. I second the recommendation for La Biscotteria. Excellent biscotti. I particularly like the white chocolate lemon and the dried fruit biscotti. And if you go on a Saturday, they have fresh canoli and focaccia too.

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          Please tell me about the cannoli.

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            Here is an earlier post of mine. Two things to keep in mind are: it is a good idea to call ahead and reserve a box, and they only accept cash (and checks, I believe). I think the price I quoted in the post of $12 a box was a special, and they are normally a bit more expensive.


            Sorry to hijack the biscotti question.

            I think I'll head down there today and buy some biscotti of my own, perfect for last minute presents...

        2. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the bakery on Mission...starts with a D...maybe? Lots of giant meringues and almond tortes, they also do birthday cakes with white frosting and little red roses? An Italian bakery in the midst of taqueria's...the mini biscotti aren't bad and are sold by the pound.

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          1. I like lots of things at Dianda, but am not fond of the biscotti. It's too sweet, and kind of cake-y, in my experience. Now the almond torte, that's another story...