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Dec 1, 2006 11:24 PM

Cooking classes in Monterey Bay area

I'd like to give my sister a gift of a cooking class. She's a good amateur cook in Santa Cruz, and I think she'd enjoy going to a single class (not a degree or certificate program) that will teach her a few things, but one that's not too challenging. Any recommendations?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Although not in the Monterey area, there are a series of classes of all sorts at the California Culinary Academy in downtown San Francisco. See their web site at
      They have one day Saturday classes for about $ 150. on a lot of subjects and then a meal of the foods prepared following.
      We loved it.

      1. at the Chefworks kitchen store in SC, they may give classes, or be in a position to know the who's-who of local teaching professionals.

        It's a nice store, with everything under the sun; also a store in Capitola called Jones & Bones, haven't been there, but you might call them too.

        Betsy McNair has returned to SC from Mexico, where she managed an inn, to write a recently published book and start a travel company. This article may give you some ideas. Perhaps contact her? She's giving a talk & tasting Dec 12 in Capitola. Perhaps she could be cajoled into teaching some classes locally?

        1. Whole Foods offers a variety of cooking classes.

          1. I've gone here a couple of times when I'm visiting family in the area. So far I've enjoyed every one I've taken (chocolate, cooking techniques, flavors of Montery, etc.). What I liked about the cooking ones where you actually make meals, you go out to the restaurant portion when you're done and have a great sit down meal.