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Dec 1, 2006 11:22 PM

Solo Holiday Dining in North Miami Area?

Alone for Christmas this year so I thought I'd take myself out to dinner for either Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner. I don't mind eating alone, I just can't think of anywhere with great food that wouldn't be too reserved and elegant for a single diner.

Any suggestions? I'd like to stay within the confines of Northeast Miami if possible for driving reasons...

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  1. Timo hands down in Sunny Isles. Excellent food, classy place, friendly staff. Sit in the bar area (either at the bar or one of the high tables), there's usually a game on the TV (with sound turned off). Menu is somewhat mediterranean influenced but that's not really an accurate description - it's just really good food. The menu changes often but some of my favorites are the braised short ribs and the fried oyster salad. Couple new items we had recently -- all good -- were the duck & spinach salad, and the mussels w/ sausage & peppers.

    Here's the website, and the menu posted there is recently updated:

    This is one of my favorite local places and it fits what you're looking for perfectly (make sure they're open Christmas!)