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Dec 1, 2006 11:13 PM

Date Night w/a PICKY EATER in/around Santa Monica

My guy's guy, very non-foodie boyfriend has finally agreed to let me plan a Friday night out for us.

He lives in Santa Monica, so I'd like to take him out in the area for dinner, etc.

Any suggestions to expand my picky eater's horizons in a psuedo adventurous way for less than $30 per person?

My initial thought was someplace like Luna Park....

Also, any GELATO faves in the area? I live in Pasadena, so I'm a Tutti Gelati fan...but not sure where I could take him in his neck of the woods?

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  1. I like Angelato in Santa Monica. I want to say it's on Arizona around 3rd? But here's the site:

    I can't remember details anymore, but remember filing it away in my brain as being as good as Il Cono in Beverly Hills and a lot lot lot better than Al Gelato. I haven't been to Tutti so I can't offer that comparison.

    What do you mean by non-foodie? Does he like pub grub? I like the food at The Olde King's Head just fine, but it's fish n' chips, fries, shepherd's pie, burgers, etc. Definitely way under $30, you'll drink plenty of cider and beer, but it's a lot of fun.

    I also like Musha and spend about $25/pp there without drinks, but he'll have to be willing to eat some funny looking food. I feel like the food is presented in a unique way, but the flavors are universally appealing (braised pork, cheesy risotto, grilled meats marinated in a sugar/soy sauce blend). It's homey small plates/Japanese fusion, definitely not a place for sushi.

    It would help if you described how he's non-adventurous. Queasy about fish? Doesn't like new flavors? Actually likes new things but doesn't bother looking for them?

    1. Wow, Musha sounds pretty good. Cheesy risotto seems to have the perfect combination of starch and cheese to keep him happy!

      In terms of how picky he is. No spicy foods. His fish tolerance maxes out (and incidentally starts at) shrimp. He's accepting of new flavors but tends to steer clear of vegetables; more of a meat and potatoes type of guy. In short, he is a victim of his former frat boy/bachelor/football and beer lifestyle.

      1. I would recommend Nook Bistro. It is not in Santa Monica proper, but very close to the border. Very good take on updated comfort foods with reasonable prices and the menu should have enough options to make both of you happy :)

        1. I second nook-he'll love it. my favorite ceasar salad.

          1. Great suggestion, Ernie!

            The menu looks safe enough for him, yet interesting enough for me...and it's right down the street from his place. So the convenience factor is high.

            How's the ambience?

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              Its a fairly small place with a lively crowd, and the space feels modern but casual. Its located in the corner of a fairly nondescript shopping plaza. They have a large communal type table in the middle, smaller tables, with a couple of booths too.