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Dec 1, 2006 11:11 PM

Unpleasant Experience @ Taste of Thai ( Del Mar) Today

Had lunch w/ the family today @ Taste of Thai in Del Mar; the main waitress was very accommodating to our kids. At the end, my family left the table for a walk outside while I chowed down the meal, I noted that the 2 unfinished dishes were taken away ( we planned to pack them home). I asked the bus boy; he confirmed that the food was dumped out. I was upset; complained him that he should have asked us. He apologized.

Upon to getting the bill paid; I made a remark about the incident at the counter and asked for the manager/owner/maitre'd; there was none available at the site. One of the waitresses told me that the bus boy checked w/ my parents; my parents confirmed that they had no such conversation.

I told them on the way out that I was not happy w/ the service like that. Guess what I got in response instead? "Don't come back then!" a waitress shouted at me fr. behind the counter. I was furious, came back in and told that waitress (who refused to give out the name) I definitely will report the incident to the web site. I told them they are not the only Thai restaurant in town. I also shared w/ them my experience at Thais Spices in Del Mar, the owner apologized and gave us a free entre when they made a mistake (missing shrimps in our fried rice dish). My friend & I were quite surprised & pleased for the damage control offer!

Oh well, a misunderstanding turned ugly! I guess I stick w/ my favorite ones w/ good food, excellent service @ Thai Spices (Del Mar), Spice & Rice, and Lotus Thai.

A note that the main waitress was very good, though. I have to come back to give her the tip she deserved!

I understand restaurant is a tough business but this kind of response is unacceptable in this kind of business!

Hope this is only one bad incident.


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  1. I've not eaten at this place, and it sounds like you were treated very rudely. Certainly there's never any excuse for that.

    As to your original beef, however, I'm afraid I disagree that the restaurant did anything wrong. If no one told the bus boy or server that you wanted to take the leftovers home *before* the plates were removed, then I can't see where you have any case. While a friendly staff *may* ask if you want to take the remains, it's certainly not something you can count on -- particularly if the diners had left the table, and the remaining person (you) didn't say anything when the plates were removed. Under those circumstances, I don't see where you would be entitled to a freebie or even a discount. Even so, there's never any excuse for the type of rude response you described. Better luck next time.
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

    1. First of all it was very unprofessional from the waitress to say "Don't come back then!" and issues like this will hurt their business. But I have also to say that if the whole family is leaving the table for a walk after they ate and you are the only one left I would also assume as a waiter that I can take away the food. I don't think it was only the fault of the waitress to take the dishes and so I don't really understand why you asked for the manager when you paid for the bill. I think both sides could have done better in this incident

      1. Thank you for kindly hearing me out. I did not expect any discount as we had w/ Thai Spices. Unfortunately, the plates were taken while the rest of the family got up and went for a walk w/ the kids in tow. Note that there was still a diner (me) at the table; not all the group gone. I was distracted w/ my mother and did not notice the bus boy taken away.

        As you mention that ONLY a "friendly" staff "may" ask before taking away the dish(es). Why the verification can not be made mandatory for a restaurant service? I get used to be asked if they can take the plate or if I need to pack home at almost 95% of the places I've been. I normally politely requested before they even ask. Today it was a bigger crowd, my hands were full w/ an infant.

        A great service can make the meal much more pleasant!!!

        We are going out again for dinner now; this time is a buffet/self serve so I definitely won't get any chance to have the same incident! HA!