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Dec 1, 2006 10:43 PM

Chow Mobile !

I love that Chow detects if I'm mobile and offers a lightweight version of itself. Perfect for recipe inspiration at the supermarket. Hats off! Of course, that was for the Blazer browser native to the Palm Treo. It stuck on Opera Mini 2 and 3, but blazed on in Blazer's fast mode.

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  1. On Windows Mobile 5 on a Samsung i730, default IE browser, just gives that "Sorry, something's not working" message. If I search for "

    I used to be able to navigate and read (thogh not reply to) Chowhound boards, but clicking the little arrow widget next to Boards does nothing, and clicking Boards brings up the Latest Posts list.

    Zero steps forward, two steps back.

    1. I'm having problems connecting to mobile chowhound also. I think that they're still working out the kinks and didn't quite know what to expect when their servers get slammed with thousands of irate posters.

      1. It's not a traffic thing. The UI just doesn't seem to work on Windows Mobile 5.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Can you explain exactly what doesn't work, and what error message you get (if any)?

          1. re: Engineering

            You could probably do this yourself, but here's what happens for me.
            I go to on my palm. Your server knows I'm using a
            mobile device because it puts "browsing from your mobile phone? try our
            mobile edition" on the top of the page. And then it throws 250K more bytes
            at me. If I click on the "try our mobile edition", I am sent to the "Mobile
            Recipe Finder". Big whisky tango foxtrot there. I am not looking for "mobile
            recipes" I am looking for chow. And I don't mean chow as in the "ezine", I
            mean I'm trying to read Which is where I was.

            I'm baffled. The most reasonable reason I can think of for accessing
            from a mobile device is that I'm standing outside some restaurant and I want
            to check it out before I go in. Or I'm in a restaurant and I'm wondering if
            I should order something I see on the menu. Or I've just had something great
            and want to post a quick note about it. "Mobile Recipe Finder"??? Please.

            1. re: Chuckles the Clone

              I seem to be adding to a thread that came to a stop a year and a half ago, but I just found on my Palm TX that Chowhound points me to a mobile version exactly as it did for Chuckles here on 1/24/07, and the resulting page contained only a recipe search function, AND it led to an error message if I tried to click any of the recipe links!

              Is there actually a Chowhound mobile version? That refers to restaurants rather than recipes?