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Dec 1, 2006 10:10 PM

Impressive Dallas restaurant for a group of 15

I'd be grateful for suggestions for an upscale but interesting place to take a group on a Friday night in Dallas. There will be about 15 of us, and we'll be staying in Los Colinas, but can travel a bit. Looking for something with attractive surroundings, a decent wine list, good service, and of course good food. A steak or seafood place would be fine, as long as there are some vegetarian options. It's a business dinner for a well-traveled group, if that helps. Anything interesting that would fit these criteria? Thanks!

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  1. i like cool river, it's in irving, not far from las colinas. it was discussed in this forum recently, and it reminded me that i had a very good experience there last year. it's not a foodie/insider favorite but it has good food with a big menu that includes steak, non-meat items, and some TX touches (it's co-owned by gene street, a veteran restaurateur in dallas) - and, as you say, a decent wine list. it's slightly less expensive than its peers, and it has a brisk business trade so it accommodates big groups gracefully.

    i also like Grill on the Alley, new, at the galleria (you could cruise the mall and walk off your dinner). i know it's a chain (tho with only half a dozen branches) but i've eaten there twice and had very good food and service. the caliber, to me, is better than what you usually find in dallas. and they have a number of options - small rooms, large tables - for groups.

    i should clarify that both of these might fall more into the category of dependable rather than "interesting".

    1. Can you be more specific about what you like, or give examples?

      I agree that the two suggestions above are pretty basic grills.

      Even the Bistro N at Nordstrom is more interesting -- it's a nicer cafe and wine bistro inside the department store. Great menu.

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        Thanks to both of you. I appreciate your suggestions. I'm not sure how to be more specific except to say that I'd like to find someplace that will impress, delight, and maybe surprise people, in the sense of "who knew this place was hiding in plain sight all along?" I was hoping that Dallas resident might have some suggestions on a special-occasion kind of place that wouldn't necessarily spring to the mind of a concierge right away; not one of the ususal suspects. The main caveat is there has to be some mainstream dishes so that there's something for timid eaters--a steak, some roast chicken, or a vegetarian pasta dish, for example--but ethnic is okay. Something with local flavor would be great--Tex-Mex, barbeque--but it should be a place where men and women in business suits wouldn't seem out of place, so not too causal and down-home. (I realize there's a bit of a disconnect in that, though.) It's a group of people who are used to being taken to places like Ruth's Chris, for example, and I'd like to be able to suggest something different. Hope this is helpful.

      2. Ok, I have two suggestions.

        Call in advance and see if you can take over Veracruz in Oak Cliff for a couple of hours. A party of 15 would fill up most of the restaurant.

        Or, what about Hattie's in Oak Cliff. I always like that place.

          1. Abacus has a certain "wow" factor of the business dinner. Come to think of it, most people IN there are on expense account.

            I also think Hibiscus on Henderson Ave is quite nice, though less "showey". But getting reservations in the back "veranda" room ought to impress.


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              re: Abacus - i think that's a very good suggestion