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Dec 1, 2006 09:54 PM

Inexpensive All-U-Can Eat Buffets in Manhatan?

I know there aren't too many of these. I do like the Indian lunch buffet at Dakshin's on First Ave and 89th. Can you help me with any other buffets (any type of food: Dominican, American, Chinese, etc.) Tks!

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      You should check out Chennai Garden- kosher vegetarian Indian restaurant on 27th street. The the all-you-can-eat buffet is like 6 bucks at lunch and includes creamy dal yellow rice w/ mustard seeds, spinach curry and lovely paratha bread.

    2. Quite a few Indian restaurants in Manhattan have all you can eat buffets. I have avoided them since the day five years ago when I gained four pounds in one hour at Jackson Diner.

      There's a Japanese seafood buffet at 6 E 32 St. It used to be called Minado.

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      1. re: Brian S

        The Manhattan Minado closed a while ago. It was great, but now you'd have to go to LI or NJ (Minado is a small chain). Did something else similar take it's place?

        1. re: LloydG

          Minado was replaced by Todai a Japanese buffet chain. It is not that much different than Minado...

      2. If you like soul food, try the buffet at the restaurant portion of Charles's Southern Fried Chicken. $11.95 for AYCE fried chicken, ribs, oxtail, mac & cheese, candied yams, greens, black-eyed peas, salads, etc. Includes unlimited drinks and I think a dessert. Go with an appetite!

        1. International Food House on 35th between 7th and 8th is a decent AYCE Latin Place. The roast chicken and pork are generally tasty, as are the meatballs for some reason. Buffet is for lunch only and runs $7 or $8 I believe.

          1. Tks for the replies! I am gonna try Charles since I heard so much about it but never knew they had a buffet but I am also looking forward to International Food House - I never heard of it but love Latin food and the price seems right! Tks everyone!