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Inexpensive All-U-Can Eat Buffets in Manhatan?

I know there aren't too many of these. I do like the Indian lunch buffet at Dakshin's on First Ave and 89th. Can you help me with any other buffets (any type of food: Dominican, American, Chinese, etc.) Tks!

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      You should check out Chennai Garden- kosher vegetarian Indian restaurant on 27th street. The the all-you-can-eat buffet is like 6 bucks at lunch and includes creamy dal yellow rice w/ mustard seeds, spinach curry and lovely paratha bread.

    2. Quite a few Indian restaurants in Manhattan have all you can eat buffets. I have avoided them since the day five years ago when I gained four pounds in one hour at Jackson Diner.

      There's a Japanese seafood buffet at 6 E 32 St. It used to be called Minado.

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        The Manhattan Minado closed a while ago. It was great, but now you'd have to go to LI or NJ (Minado is a small chain). Did something else similar take it's place?

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          Minado was replaced by Todai a Japanese buffet chain. It is not that much different than Minado...

      2. If you like soul food, try the buffet at the restaurant portion of Charles's Southern Fried Chicken. $11.95 for AYCE fried chicken, ribs, oxtail, mac & cheese, candied yams, greens, black-eyed peas, salads, etc. Includes unlimited drinks and I think a dessert. Go with an appetite!


        1. International Food House on 35th between 7th and 8th is a decent AYCE Latin Place. The roast chicken and pork are generally tasty, as are the meatballs for some reason. Buffet is for lunch only and runs $7 or $8 I believe.

          1. Tks for the replies! I am gonna try Charles since I heard so much about it but never knew they had a buffet but I am also looking forward to International Food House - I never heard of it but love Latin food and the price seems right! Tks everyone!

            1. Another idea is Arang on 32nd St between 5th and Bway. It's like minado but cheaper...supposed to be decent.

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              1. There are also the great churrascarias (Brazilian BBQ).

                My favorites are Plataforma and Porcao.

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                  These aren't inexpensive though, are they?? If so, I'm on my way!

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                    There's one in Astoria that sells by weight. I got a yummy 13 ounce skirt steak for $5.80.


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                      Funny you should say that, ever since seeing this post I have been researching this, and have determined that I HAVE to go here asap.

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                      Yeah, they aren't cheap.

                      There is one called Greenfield in Queens that is $26 all you can eat. Haven't been, but have heard good things about it.

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                        No, the Manhattan churrascarias are certainly NOT inexpensive.

                        Porcao is terribly overpriced and the rodizio is pretty bad.

                    3. Dayo in the village has a Sunday brunch buffett. Also Akwabaa in Brooklyn used to also have an all you can eat brunch.

                      1. I've been to Todai on E. 32nd - mentioned above. It's a fun place and the quality is pretty good. Sushi connoisseurs won't go out of their way for this place but it has a huge variety of sushi, hot entrees, salads, noodles, fruit, desserts - the buffet stations just go on and on. I've only been for lunch; I believe they put out lobster and other more expensive items at dinner time. Great if you are going to Macy's or the Empire State Bldg. and have worked up a huge appetite.

                        1. Is Todai, occupying the place that was once Minado?

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                            Yes, the same exact place - and I believe they have almost the same buffet offerings as Minado once had.

                          2. I have been to a lunch buffet at Salaam Bombay (Indian). It's only $15.99 and the food was quite good with a decent selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Also have unlimited naan bread and dessert. I was actually brought by my Indian (vegetarian) friend, and based on his feedback it was great, authentic Indian food.

                            Salaam Bombay (Indian)
                            319 Greenwich St, New York 10013 (Btwn Duane & Reade St)

                            2 Sunday brunch buffets that I had been to were at Brasserie 8 1/2 and the Church Lounge@Tribeca Grand Hotel. Brasserie 8 1/2 was definitely much better in terms of food, variety, and the space. The service was also much better. But it got pretty crowded after noon and reservation is definitely recommended. Church Lounge served very mediocre food and the service was lukewarm. I will not go back again.

                            Brasserie 8 1/2
                            9 W 57th St, New York 10019 (Btwn 5th & 6th Ave

                            Church Lounge at Tribeca Grand Hotel
                            2 Avenue of the Americas
                            New York, NY 10013

                            I have heard good things about the $20 All-YOU-CAN-EAT Sunday brunch at Ulysses' (Irish/American Pub) with unlimited oysters, shrimps, carving station, etc., but I have yet to try.

                            95 Pearl St, New York 10004 (Btwn Coenties Aly & Hanover Sq

                            Hope you find the one you like!

                            1. Krystal's Cafe
                              171 1st Ave Frnt
                              New York, NY 10003
                              (212) 614-8080

                              Use to offer a Filipino lunch buffet every weekday for $6. I know the one in Woodside still has it (you have to go upstairs).

                              1. There's a Dominican place in Inwood on Dyckman and Broadway, just outside of the A subway station (northeast side of the street, a few doors up from the corner ON Bway) that has an all you can eat buffet. The place just remodeled and changed it's name recently. If it's still the same owners, it's good!