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Where is Glenn "Gator" Thompson of Alcatraces in Noe Valley

Talking to a friend last night about Noe Valley's recent easing of a ban on new restaurants to allow 4 more on/near 24th street, we wondered what happened to this terrific chef who was searching for a larger space in the hood for his great Cajun food when Alcatraces closed back in Fall 2003. Anyone know where he wound up? I know Ollalie is coming in next to The Peaks bar, but I figure that still leaves 3 spots. I sure hope one of them is filled with a good northern Indian place that delivers.

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  1. I don't know where gator went but I sure miss that place. Sweet potato catfish...bread pudding...

    1. don't forget the biscuits and gravy!

      1. Maybe he's a hound and will read this and give us an update.

        1. Um, like, Google is your friend....

          Chef Glenn "Gator" Thompson (Alcatraces in SF) is bringing his Neo Soul Cuisine to B Street in San Mateo.

          San Mateo, CA – October 16, 2006 – Matt Taylor and Todd Oliver with Terranomics Retail Services represented both Owner and Tenant in the lease of 2,781 square feet of in-line retail space located at 129 B Street in San Mateo. Kelvin Liborio & Glenn Thompson dba Gator’s Neo Soul (Tenant) leased the space from B Street Viking Investments LLC (Owner) for a 10-year term. The brainchild of Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson, formerly of Alcatraces in San Francisco, the 60-seat Neo Soul—Southern inspired California cuisine—restaurant will serve lunch and dinner along with brunch on Sundays. The restaurant will also feature a full bar. Adding to the cuisine’s authenticity will be the banishment from the kitchen of all things canned and the commitment to (nearly) all things housemade. Gator will make his own butters, jams, sausages and most, if not all the breads.


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            Very cool. Thanks for the research.

            1. Gator's new place opens tomorrow {Wed] night!

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                I met a couple of friends for lunch today at Everyday Beijng in San Mateo and we were talking about Gator's new place. After lunch I drove around till I found it: I hadn't planned on being there so didn't have the address with me, but it was easy to find on South B Street - I parked and took a look at the menu - sounds mouth-watering good. I met the sous chef, Ben, and got a chance to talk with him about their concept. He's a very pleasant young man! Told me that last night they did about 40 dinners - not bad for their first night. I can't wait to go back and try it... Here's their website:

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                  I had lunch at Gators in SM today. Amazing corn chowder, redolent of smoky bacon and sweet corn with plenty of cream. Very good Jambalaya, quite spicy! The cornbread is served with a chipotle honey butter. Gator was roaming the dining room and said business at dinner is very good. Father's Day brunch is expected to be a buffet and reservations will be a necessity. Thanks for the recommendation.

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                    Would love to hear any reports on the shrimp and grits! or perhaps a field trip is in order....

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                      I'm up for that! Love them shrimp & grits!

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                      Had a great dinner here tonite. Tried a cup of gumbo (crab, shrimp, chicken and andouille), very dark roux and rich. Then the green beans with chipotle shrimp, which was a nice segue to the "fried chicken." The chicken was lightly battered in cornmeal and buttermilk and pan fried lightly, breast meat, very juicy. Many more items on the menu I'd like to try, including the shrimp and grits, gator burgers, braised ox tail, among others. Tried the chocolate bread pudding for dessert but hardly put a dent in it. Great service and Gator was out chatting with customers as he always did in Noe Valley.

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                        Gator's Neo-Soul Cafe
                        129 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

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                          Had lunch there last week and had the fried chicken also with mashed Yukon Gold potatoes and small salad. Satisfied my fried chicken craving immensely.

                          Gator is expanding into the building next door as he is having to turn away potential diners business is so brisk.

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                            The expansion is good news. Been there twice and enjoyed it greatly, both food and service. They play music on the weekends however and, there are a few tables so close to the music you could start playing one of the instruments. They could use more space!

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                              Yes, forgot that he mentioned the expansion. Even on Thursday, there was live music, a duo. They were in one of the front window bays and very close to the nearest table.

                  2. The Chron reported last month that Thompson and some of the staff would be at Dollie Marie, 1602 S. El Camino Real), "fixed price with a $38 three-course menu and a $58 four-course menu, both with choices in each course."


                    Per dolliemaries.com they open next Tuesday.

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                      the chron now says that dollie marie's is open. has anyone been yet?


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                        Just had dinner at Dollie Marie's last night; Gator Thompson came out to greet me while I waited for my dining companion. His new restaurant has great potential. The house is very charming and intimate (the front room, set for a large party, features a fireplace). Walls are lined with family photos. The four course prix fixe has been scaled back to $49 ($38 for the three course), contrary to the $58 mentioned in the Chronicle. Photos below (in two postings). The food is refined, artfully plated, and professionally served. The parade of servers (different faces rotated through the meal service) reminded me of Gary Danko. The amuse bouche (smoked trout topped with tobiko, accompanied by chipotle oil and white truffle sauce) was divine. The pan-fried oysters are a winner with the sherry chicken liver. The turtle soup is very substantial. Scallops were excellent, although the flat cake was "flat" (not memorable; they detracted from the scallops - I would serve the scallops alone with the red gravy). The wild boar was delightfully complex, adding just the right amount of sweetness with the slices of apple and the brandy gravy. I did request a substitution for the sweet potato gnocchi, which was originally rejected. However, Mr. Thompson relented and substituted mashed potatoes. So the wild boar photo does not reflect the normal plating. Thompson is alone in the kitchen. Dollie Marie's opened in August, and he considers the restaurant still undergoing fine tuning during this "soft opening." I hope the economy improves so that more people are able to support a more upscale Southern dining experience.

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                          Additional dinner photos

                    2. Linkage:

                      Dollie Marie's
                      1602 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94402