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Dec 1, 2006 08:49 PM

Where is Glenn "Gator" Thompson of Alcatraces in Noe Valley

Talking to a friend last night about Noe Valley's recent easing of a ban on new restaurants to allow 4 more on/near 24th street, we wondered what happened to this terrific chef who was searching for a larger space in the hood for his great Cajun food when Alcatraces closed back in Fall 2003. Anyone know where he wound up? I know Ollalie is coming in next to The Peaks bar, but I figure that still leaves 3 spots. I sure hope one of them is filled with a good northern Indian place that delivers.

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  1. I don't know where gator went but I sure miss that place. Sweet potato catfish...bread pudding...

    1. don't forget the biscuits and gravy!

      1. Maybe he's a hound and will read this and give us an update.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Um, like, Google is your friend....

            Chef Glenn "Gator" Thompson (Alcatraces in SF) is bringing his Neo Soul Cuisine to B Street in San Mateo.

            San Mateo, CA – October 16, 2006 – Matt Taylor and Todd Oliver with Terranomics Retail Services represented both Owner and Tenant in the lease of 2,781 square feet of in-line retail space located at 129 B Street in San Mateo. Kelvin Liborio & Glenn Thompson dba Gator’s Neo Soul (Tenant) leased the space from B Street Viking Investments LLC (Owner) for a 10-year term. The brainchild of Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson, formerly of Alcatraces in San Francisco, the 60-seat Neo Soul—Southern inspired California cuisine—restaurant will serve lunch and dinner along with brunch on Sundays. The restaurant will also feature a full bar. Adding to the cuisine’s authenticity will be the banishment from the kitchen of all things canned and the commitment to (nearly) all things housemade. Gator will make his own butters, jams, sausages and most, if not all the breads.


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              Very cool. Thanks for the research.