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Dec 1, 2006 08:14 PM

epazote in northwestern Westchester?

I've never tasted/used it, and have some recipes that call for it. My usual stores for more unusual latin american things are the 4-seasons in Ossining and the Shop Rite in Croton, but I struck out at those two. Any suggestions on where else I could try?

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  1. I think (someone will jump in) that mt. kisko has a latin bodega or two. My guess is you'd find some there. If not, the ones down in Port Chester, if you for some reason find yourself there, definitely carry it.

    Just be careful when buying it... it's usually wrapped up in a plastic bag, and, at times, been there for a while. Wash it well. Make sure you ask the staff, as it's almost never in a very visible place (usually stuffed in the back of the produce behind some other herb or something). It's pretty indespensible for some dishes. Good luck.

    1. or you could buy it dried from Penzeys.

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        that is true... however, unlike some herbs (oregano, thyme, etc.) dried epazote really doesn't resemble the fresh stuff at all. Sort of like cilantro. It's really only good fresh imho...