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Dec 1, 2006 08:03 PM

Nashville / Louisville

I am going to be in Nashville on Sunday night and Louisville on Tuesday night. Looking for excellent places to eat, $$ no object, preferably places that stay open late.

Any type of food - I'm not into steak, though.


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  1. In Nashville I know of three places, I have been to all three.
    Rotier's,they are open till 10:00. Excellent french bread cheeseburgers. The Palm. They are known for their steaks, but they do have seafood. The service is top notch and the Palm is downtown. It's down the street from the Grand Ole Oprey and across from the Gaylord Center. It is sort of hidden. They do have a Hard Rock that is also downtown, near the river. Sorry I don't have anything for Louisville. You can view pictures of Rotier's on It also has reviews. Google for your info. Hope this helps. I would include the Elliston Place Soda shop, but they are closed on Sunday.

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      I went to the Palm and spent way too much money. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know it was a chain and a-la Smith and Wollensky (SP?) the first was in NYC. They have like 20 locations.

      Good service, good wine, food was excellent although it was late and they had run out of a number of things.

      They have two in Chicago, hometown, one in the Burbs and one by the Hyatt Regency downtown. It's weird to bump into a chain that I didn't know about, especially one that's good.

      1. re: jjweerts

        Normally I don't like chains, but I will always make an exception for the Palm. I am glad that you enjoyed it. The service there is great and there is always a chance that you may see someone famous at the Palm. I go to the Palm for the steaks and the cheesecake. Their steaks are excellent. I am glad I could help. Sorry about recommending the Hard Rock.

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      1. I would not recommend either Rotiers or Hard Rock as excellent places to eat. Rotiers, although good, is some place to go for a burger and Hard Rock is, well Hard Rock (mediocre food, loud).

        The trick is finding restaurants open on Sunday night. What kind of food are you looking for, and where will you be staying?

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          Staying at the Opryland Radisson...looking for something good and interesting...I prefer nicer places I guess but have no real preference for what type of food. This Wild Boar place mentioned below sounds interesting.

        2. In Louisville, depending on if you want good homey cooking in a very kitshy environment there is Lynns Paradise Cafe on Barrett, upscale is Lily's on Bardstown Rd. Last time I was down there with an oportunity to have dinne I got out voted but really wanted to go to the Brown Camberly hotel. They have an amazing chef with an amazing menu. Next time for sure.

          1. Here are a few places in Nashville that are open on Sunday (I think)that are all good. Most have menus on the web. I'll add more as I think of them:

            Sunset Grill
            The Trace
            The Bound'ry
            Capitol Grille