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Dec 1, 2006 07:42 PM

help me win a chow bet!

my co-worker announced today that there is no fine dining that is worthwhile on the entire stretch of broadway. i don't think that can be true, but I also can't think of anyplace. also, since he constantly disparages chowhound, I thought this would be a good opportunity to prove him wrong on two counts!

anyone know of any decent fine dining on broadway?


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  1. how about jean georges?

    1. Craftbar: Broadway between 19th - 20th

      1. If by fine dining, you mean really upscale, I might agree with him. The only reasonably upscale place I can think of is Blue Fin and that is good, not great (at least it was a year ago when I last went).

        That being said, I really like Craftbar on Broadway btwn 19th and 20th. And then waay uptown in Inwood you have Piper's Kilt at 207th that has great burgers.

        1. Doing a Zagat search and sorting by food rating, I found a bunch of listings of restaurants on Broadway in Manhattan, including:

          2315 Broadway

          Nëo Sushi
          2298 Broadway

          900 Broadway

          Kang Suh
          1250 Broadway

          2450 Broadway

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          1. re: kathryn

            This has to be the first time I've ever seen fine dining and Carmine's mentioned as related concepts.

            1. re: Peter Cherches

              Whoops! Copying and pasting too quickly.

          2. There's also Aix on the UWS. And if you want to split hairs, one could argue that all of the places in the Time Warner Center are on Broadway since Broadway runs into Columbus Circle.

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            1. re: pcwd

              I agree. all the time warner restaurants are on broadway.

              per se
              cafe gray
              porter house

              1. re: john

                I'd agree in principle that these restaurants are on B'way, however, the Per Se website lists its address as 10 Columbus Circle. Unfortunately, this is not in your favor.