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Dec 1, 2006 07:26 PM

St. Louis Lunch Picks

I'm going to be in St. Louis from Dec. 27th-31st for a conference. Breakfast and dinner will be taken care of, but lunch will be on my own. Any suggestions for budget-friendly & good eateries downtown around the America's Center and Edward Jones Dome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Morgan Street Brewery is on the Landing, which is toward the Mississippi River from the Dome, and is easily walkable.

    Kitchen K is also good on Wahington.

    If you go out at night after dinner but want to stay close to downtown, Lucas Park Grill, Mike Shannon's and Harry's are all nice places. A little upscale, but fun, crowded and nice.

    Enjoy your stay in St. Louis.

    1. Go to Morgan street for the beer not for the food. Food isn't attrocious but not stellar. Try Kitchen K or Lucas Park. Everest if you fancy Nepalese food. St. Louis Fish Market if you fancy some fish in a land locked city. They are probably the best seafood place in a limited downtown market/

      1. My very favorite place for an inexpensive lunch near America's Center is the Breve Espresso Company at 417 N. 10th Street. Great atmosphere and delightful sandwiches. Budget-friendly.

        Also on 10th Street is "10th Street Italian", which I have not eaten at, but it looks worth a try. I think it is budget-friendly.

        Macy's is a very short walk from America's Center. On the second floor is Papa Fabarre's, a little trip back in time when everyone went shopping downtown. It is a little bit above budget-friendly.

        If you have a long lunch hour, try Cummel's Cafe, a bit of a hike up Washington at 1627 Washington. This is home cooking plus funkyness plus casualness plus good vibes. Also budget-friendly.

        Note: the Everest Cafe is a long hike up Washington from America's Center, but it does have nice budget-friendly Nepalese food.

        1. Haven't been there lately, but Dooley's was always a good spot for pub food...burgers, roast beef sandwiches, steak sandwiches, etc.


          1. Anthony's, the bar at one of St. Louis's best restaurants, Tony's, has a limited lunch; salad, pasta and the best hamburger in St. Louis. For a little bit of local flavor head down the street a few more blocks to the Broadway Oyster Bar. Great cajun food and live music at night!